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17. huhtikuu 2024

DropInBlog works very well! We've been using it for a couple of years now, we integrated it with our Shopify website. Any time I've needed support they've been responsive and helped me out. I recommend this product.

Kayak Coffee
Melkein 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
20. toukokuu 2021

The DropInBlog app's strength is more so in the responsiveness and helpfulness of the developers than in its default features. It might seem like there isn't that much going on at first, but for those who are picky about blog presentation, this is a solid choice.
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14. syyskuu 2022

Coming from a Wordpress background, I was shocked to see how utterly pathetic the native blog is that comes with Shopify. I contemplated doing the subdomain Wordpress install and attaching that to my Shopify site but then realised that it’s not the greatest solution for SEO etc. Searching for an answer, I came across DropinBlog and thankfully someone has the sanity to create a blog app that is actually worth having. DropinBlog is so easy to use, it has a built in SEO analyser which is like having Yoast if you are familiar with that in Wordpress. It has a nice interface. Easy to set up categories, authors, users, set scheduled posts. The editor actually has some decent features including being able to add video - yay! As well as products. Really easy to use. I think there are some features it could really do with, such as being able to bulk edit posts - if you had a lot of posts this would save so much time. Also it would be lovely to have more image presentation options, like a carousel gallery for example. Adding images into a table is a bit clunky at present. On the whole, I’m pretty happy with it. It is a solid alternative and is waayyyyyyy better than the native shopify blog. The customer support is really good too and highly responsive. I’ve just kept off one star because of the lack of bulk editing capabilities. Also I think the price is a little steep but as there isn’t much else out there, I think I will have to swallow that for the sake of good SEO. In general though, I really recommend this app. It’s really nice.

Nicky Perryman Artist
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Muokattu 9. heinäkuu 2020

Good, but could be much better. SERIOUSLY NEEDS a duplicate button, so a new page can be based off an old page.

Wild Herbal
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DropInBlog vastasi 10. heinäkuu 2020

Thanks for the constructive feedback. I'll talk to the team and see if we can get that added for you :)

UPDATE: Nov 2, 2020 - We've now added the Duplicate Post function.. Just click on the icon on the right side of the Post page to duplicate any post :)

11. elokuu 2022

Really pleasantly pleased with this app. Coming from a WordPress background, it has many similarities, so does feel nicely familiar... like putting on your favourite pair of slippers. Still in the early stages of testing it out, but so far so good, and works nicely in Shopify and takes on our theme.
Support are excellent. I couldn't work out why things weren't looking like I thought they should or wanted them to look and reached out. Hamza was super, took a look at what I'd done and pointed out where my errors lay and how to fix. In fact, he hopped on and sorted the coding out for me (a god-send if you're not tech minded).
Lots of good articles to read for hints, tips and helps.
Can't give 5* yet as haven't fully integrated it, but initial trials are very positive!

The Tech Geeks
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9. huhtikuu 2021

The best part about this app is the phenomenal customer service. The app itself is very limited in terms of formatting and not the most intuitive. It takes a lot of effort to format it and it is not the most intuitive. Images are difficult to get to the proper sizes. There is definite room for improvement here and hope they can take the time to make improvements. For now it works but we will need a better solution in the future.

Ativo Skincare Inc.
11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
31. joulukuu 2020

Shopify hasn't blog facilities with SEO, and this application is beneficial for creating blogs like in woocommerce. Blogs with good SEO are very influential in bringing traffic to the website. This application is beneficial if you want to bring organic traffic to a blog. SUPPORT is good and easy to use, I give 4 stars because it's just that the price is quite high for an application for blogging. Please drop your price and I will give you 5 stars

Softlens Queen
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28. syyskuu 2021

I was looking for a blog app that was easier and more flexible than the Shopify blog editor. This app is certainly easier to use and if you have any experience with MS Word or Google Docs the interface will be very familiar. It is nothing really fancy but it allows you to easily create blog posts that conform to a standard style and keeps them looking clean and easy to read. My only issues with the app are:
1. The app replaces your main Shopify blog page with a different one which you then link to from your website navigation. This is fine EXCEPT for the fact that this page doesn't show up anywhere in your Shopify page list and therefore you cannot edit it. I wanted to add a banner to this page and was told that there is no way to edit it.
2. The way fonts behave is a little weird at first. I think it pulls fonts from your Shopify theme but for some reason the text looked weird, either way too big as a headline or way too small as paragraph text. I checked my Theme font and these should have been fine so no idea what was happening. I found a workaround which was to set the DropInBlog text to "preformatted" and then set the font and size in Google Docs and copy paste it into the blog. This seemed to keep whatever was in Google docs. For the time being it is good enough for what I need it for but I hope the developers add some more functionality in the future.

BDL Store
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Muokattu 2. joulukuu 2020

EDIT: After trying it some more, I can say I recommend the app. The developer implemented the missing functionality I was missing from the app, and it works great! It's really the only blog app out there that works to an acceptable degree, however, I still think it's too expensive. There should be a cheaper option, but there is a 14-day trial so definitely try it! The support team is also very helpful, although not available 24/7.

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Muokattu 9. elokuu 2021

Installed the app into my store. The app is packed with features to optimize your blogs SEO. Support was great. Only thing a bit lacking is the ability to control the front end display to the customization level I wanted. I spoke to the app developer and he explained how their focus isn't so much on display customization, but more so on appearance across numerous devices. Probably a good overall strategy, just didn't quite give us the amount of control we were looking for from a builder standpoint.

Boost Auto Parts
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