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17 maggio 2024

If I may frankly I will zero star. I was charged even I disconnected the app. The products have no full description and it is like working with scam company selling fake products. I requested two times a refund which I did not get.

Prices are very high and they kept sending email for products that are discontinued and the same bunch of products over and over. It is like you are selling products that do not really even exist. They look like fake.

How come Shopify has failed to investigate on many of these app provider before accepting them? They would avoid a lot of issues that store owners are facing. I do not recommend this APP. Customer service is non-existent and their wholesale price is NOT real.

If ever you are able to get an order, it will not be shipped on time and your customer will receive fake products that are made somewhere else but not in the US.

Perfume Water
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
15 ottobre 2023

A lot of products have only one photo and very little description. The descriptions are not that good. Photos are not that good quality. One example, the description says variations, but when you import there are no other variations. The descriptions don't match that well. You have to read, delete&modify. Overall, it doesn't satisfy the entire function.

The Prime Mart
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2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Onlinestorebiz LLC ha risposto 23 ottobre 2023

Hi The Prime Mart,

Thank you taking the time to share your feedback with us.

The product data, including the images, descriptions, titles, and variations come directly from the supplier and not us. We have little to no control over what the suppliers provide us with, and we push the same data that they've uploaded to Wholesale2B.

I understand that it might not fit your requirements. Thank you for using our app.

19 ottobre 2023

Don't give them your credit card information. They are a scam. They will find a way to illegally charge you over and over even if you unsubscribe and dispute.

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9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Onlinestorebiz LLC ha risposto 23 ottobre 2023

Hi annyannymagic,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

I see that you've been a subscribed member of Wholesale2B January. Shopify gives a very clear distinction about our app while installing it - you'd be subscribed to the monthly plan once you 7-day free trial is over. All of our subscriptions are controlled by Shopify and not us, so, to summarize, we're not "illegally" charging your credit card. As previously stated, the page at the time of install does mention that you'd be charged once the 7-day trial is over.

I see that you've uninstalled the Wholesale2B app now, so you'd not be charged further. I'd request you to review your misleading review about our app, as we do not indulge in any unfair practices at all.

31 ottobre 2023

As far as Shopify they have the worst product integration out of any company I have used so far. They may be good for Amazon or Ebay but don't use them for Shopify. They have extra charges for everything you would want to set such as a charge if you want to set the margin, rounding the price and adding a Ai description to the product. The $29.99 a month is only a starting point because they charge for every little setting they can. The descriptions and pictures are terrible. They state they get that from the supplier, I suggest that they set down some requirements for the vendors to adhere to then.

Elite Gamers Lounge
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Circa un'ora di utilizzo dell’app
23 ottobre 2023

Wholesale2B doesn't ship larger items (like furniture) into Canada. Great app though. Very integrative.

Urban Annex
3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 22 settembre 2021

Not recommended lots and lots of fees (trans, surcharge)Not able to make a profit to cover the cost.

Boardwalk Ts & Things
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Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Onlinestorebiz LLC ha risposto 23 settembre 2021

Hi Boardwalk Ts & Things,

Thank you for your review. I am sorry to learn that you've had a dissatisfactory experience with us. Any fees that is added to the products comes directly from either the supplier or payment gateways - Wholesale2B does not intervene or inflate the prices at all. However, we'd be happy to address any concerns that you have with our app. Please log into your Wholesale2B account and create a Support Ticket so that we could assist you and get the issues resolved. We're open to any kind of feedback that you may have for us. Thank you for being associated with Wholesale2B. We're grateful.

Thanks and regards,
Peter Caradonna
CEO - Wholesale2B

Data modifica: 18 marzo 2021

App is very poor. You made sell, but can't get tracking number and right now can't get refund. Have to make research to switch to other platform I want to add, no support at all, for few days I can't transfer money to wallet to pay for goods and may lose customer. Don't recommed this app

Sex Supply Shop
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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Onlinestorebiz LLC ha risposto 10 giugno 2020

Thank you for your input. A bit confused because our App will automatically push the tracking code back to your Shopify store as long as you still have the App active in your store.

Data modifica: 29 gennaio 2024

Very bad app and website, do mot waste your time and money signing up with them. Poor customer service, the website kept logging you out before because of their short sessions, their product prices are high, and when you need to source any order you have received you may be surprised to find the item "OUT OF STOCK" or "DISCONTINUED" without reflecting that onto your store inventory, and orders will have transaction fees which would make you unable to compete, Also the app is adding Shipping fee to many order I was trying to fulfil while that should have been included in the product price, which makes me unable to fulfill the order at such a very high sourcing price! Additionally, you may sometimes be shocked that the item showing up to source on their website is completely different than the item you have received the order for on your store even for the same SKU! Last but not least, when I tried to cancel my dropshipping plan with them they closed my ticket multiple times and never cancelled it and kept charging me for it!

American Smart
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10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Onlinestorebiz LLC ha risposto 6 ottobre 2023


Thank you for taking the time to write feedback to us.

I apologize for the dissatisfactory experience that you had with us. The automatic logging out can be disabled in your profile settings. Our inventory updates are indeed automated, so any out-of-stock products should be marked as such on your store almost immediately. However, by the time the order is placed from your end, it could happen that the product has gone out of stock. About a different product, if a different product is delivered to your customer, we provide full assistance with getting the issue resolved.

Also, your subscription is instantly canceled the moment you uninstall the Shopify app from your store. Thank you for being associated with Wholesale2B, we're grateful.

9 novembre 2020

They service charge you for everything. I had to pay for an order from the “wallet”. They charged me a service charge to put money in the wallet. Then they charged me another service charge to pay for the item from the wallet. I paid for them to go through and price my items and I still lost money.

Furry Friend Frocks
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8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
30 marzo 2022

App is not bad. But the nightmare is communication and order management. If you receive an order - hold on ! 1. Need to add funds to your account wallet - the way to do it, is through making a ticket to their system ! 2. Reply time in the ticket - takes many hours or even days ! 3. Even when you make a deposit your funds DOESN'T APPEAR IN YOUR WALLET INSTANTLY !!! Process is so complicated, that placing an order with such super slow service and process, can cost you unsatisfied clients, and canceled orders.
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app