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29 juni 2024

Excellent App for Dropship, very professional and organized, I give it 5 stars and recommend it, you will be able to import and organize all the products in a professional way and it also loads more than 1 million products from different suppliers for all types of businesses.

Rochan Shop
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17 mei 2024

If I may frankly I will zero star. I was charged even I disconnected the app. The products have no full description and it is like working with scam company selling fake products. I requested two times a refund which I did not get.

Prices are very high and they kept sending email for products that are discontinued and the same bunch of products over and over. It is like you are selling products that do not really even exist. They look like fake.

How come Shopify has failed to investigate on many of these app provider before accepting them? They would avoid a lot of issues that store owners are facing. I do not recommend this APP. Customer service is non-existent and their wholesale price is NOT real.

If ever you are able to get an order, it will not be shipped on time and your customer will receive fake products that are made somewhere else but not in the US.

Perfume Water
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6 maart 2024

The customer support has fixed any issue I was having, and the automation feature is super convenient.

Lucky & Things
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22 februari 2024

These guys are amazing and they work fast. The support is great.

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16 november 2023

I've done pretty good here also there's USA shippers which is why I use this I wanted to get USA suppliers I don't really have anything against others but going with USA suppliers have made things a lot better no slow wait times I highly recommend Wholesale2B they have lots of products and new things coming regularly also I have used support many times they get back to me fairly fast so one thing I can say about support is It's been an A+ for me I have had lots of sells! with them I recommend you give them a try for yourself :)

Star In My Heart
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10 maanden gebruiken de app
6 december 2023

I just wanted to give a shoutout to Ani D. for being super awesome! They fixed an issue with discontinued products and even added a cool feature to help me out. I'm so grateful for the quick and friendly support.

You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

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6 oktober 2023

I recently started a store and wanted to sell costumes. Upon looking at various apps, I signed up with Wholesale2B and could quickly find and add the products I wanted. There were a few questions that I had about the products, for which I reached out to the support and they were prompt to answer them. I'm yet to launch the store to the public, but I am confident to showcase the products that I added using this app. Overall I have an extremely positive experience.

Evergreen Costumes
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15 oktober 2023

A lot of products have only one photo and very little description. The descriptions are not that good. Photos are not that good quality. One example, the description says variations, but when you import there are no other variations. The descriptions don't match that well. You have to read, delete&modify. Overall, it doesn't satisfy the entire function.

The Prime Mart
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Onlinestorebiz LLC heeft geantwoord 23 oktober 2023

Hi The Prime Mart,

Thank you taking the time to share your feedback with us.

The product data, including the images, descriptions, titles, and variations come directly from the supplier and not us. We have little to no control over what the suppliers provide us with, and we push the same data that they've uploaded to Wholesale2B.

I understand that it might not fit your requirements. Thank you for using our app.

19 oktober 2023

Don't give them your credit card information. They are a scam. They will find a way to illegally charge you over and over even if you unsubscribe and dispute.

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9 maanden gebruiken de app
Onlinestorebiz LLC heeft geantwoord 23 oktober 2023

Hi annyannymagic,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

I see that you've been a subscribed member of Wholesale2B January. Shopify gives a very clear distinction about our app while installing it - you'd be subscribed to the monthly plan once you 7-day free trial is over. All of our subscriptions are controlled by Shopify and not us, so, to summarize, we're not "illegally" charging your credit card. As previously stated, the page at the time of install does mention that you'd be charged once the 7-day trial is over.

I see that you've uninstalled the Wholesale2B app now, so you'd not be charged further. I'd request you to review your misleading review about our app, as we do not indulge in any unfair practices at all.

28 november 2023

Most of the products on here are by suppliers who are using the platform for sales. The prices definitely aren’t wholesale, and alit of times are higher than store prices. People who don’t research or know what they’re looking at price wise would be setting themselves up. I also suspect from what I’ve seen that one of the fragrance suppliers has fraudulent merchandise. Most of their stuff has no upc and it’s marked up. Their website also has ridiculously low prices which is clear indicator it’s fake. Some of their reviews the customers have even said they found the products to be fake and unreturnable. So beware and be careful of what you’re doing you could really harm your company by selling fake products.

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