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Dumb Reports

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Making e-commerce data interesting and amusing.

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Fun insights

Discover a whole new side of your customers. Their quirks, their silly side, and more.

Connect over data

Bring your team together by connecting over the fun side of data. No graphs, we promise.


Generating data does not involve navigating through filters. It’s super quick.

Su Dumb Reports

Going through customer data is usually dull - inundated with clickthroughs, conversion charts, and a host of complex terminologies. It’s no surprise that big data gets a bad rap.

With Dumb Reports, we’re trying to make data fun. The idea is not to get you more conversions: but to help you know your customers’ silly habits, their unusual purchase patterns, and more unique but not-really-important stuff.

For example:

  • David likes to shop on weekends, while Nora always purchases on Mondays.
  • The most Nancy has even spent on your website is $500.
  • Your first order usually comes at around 4 AM in the morning.

We’re sure you get the drift. Data points that are not a foundation for marketing strategy - but can still give you valuable insights.

And we make sure your team stays amused. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Blake’s address is 106 characters long. They must really love the "share location" feature on WhatsApp.
  • 28 people bounced off just before paying. Send them a fluffy soft toy maybe? Hit 'em on the feels.
  • 10% of your customers are Libra. 12% are Leos. About time we got astrologers to dish out some marketing advice!

Here’s to making data fun, and less insightful.

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