Zonos Duty and Tax

Zonos Duty and Tax

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Top-rated app to display and collect landed cost at checkout

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Get rid of duty & tax issues

No more headaches with manual quotes, surprised customers, or refused packages. Includes UK VAT 2021 (post-Brexit) collection and reporting.

Gain intl customer trust

Eliminate customer fears of importing and be transparent with international customers.

Control your supply chain

Works with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. Completely customizable shipping including flat rate, free, zones, tiers, and rule-based quotes.

Over Zonos Duty and Tax

Zonos Duty and Tax

Calculate and collect the total landed cost for international orders. HS codes are not required to get started.

What's included:

  • Landed cost - duty, tax, VAT, brokerage, disbursement, bond, ancillary, etc
  • Zonos Hello - welcomes international shoppers in their language and keeps them on your website
  • Allow customers to prepay duty and tax - reduce refused packages and get faster customs clearance
  • UK VAT ready - with collection and reporting
  • Shipping rate calculations - Keep your carrier(s)

CCS required:

The Shopify CarrierService API -also known as Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS)-must be enabled for the app to return landed cost quotes. CCS is included with Advanced Shopify or higher. If your account does not include CCS, get it the following ways:

  • Add CCS for a $20 monthly fee, OR
  • Switch to an annual billing cycle, OR
  • Upgrade your plan.


  • How do I ship a package that includes duty/tax? Your shipping software must allow duty/tax to be billed back to you (the shipper).

  • Does Shopify Shipping work with Zonos? No, it does not support shipping DDP

  • Do I need weights/dims for my products? No, but helpful for accuracy

Click FAQ under Support for more.

Landed cost calculations

Getting a total landed cost may feel overwhelming, but not with Zonos. It's important to know landed cost is not just about duties and taxes. Our total landed cost calculations include duty/tax plus any other charges that might be incurred, depending on the shipping carrier and service level. Our software automates landed cost calculations quickly and accurately.

Includes Zonos Hello

Hello welcomes cross-border shoppers to your website in their language telling them you are international friendly. *Optional - Estimate duty/tax as items are added to the cart.

Shipping rate calculations

Zonos supports shipping rate calculations for various express carriers, postal carriers, and others. We also give you the ability to offer customized service levels, transit times, and more.

Using multiple carriers, 3PLs, or need custom rates? Get complete control over what rates you use and when they show up. Want to upload your own custom rates? Done! You can also show flat rates displayed by country, weight, or price.

Carrier API integrations

Directly integrate with your shipping account(s) to pull your negotiated rates. We support API integrations with UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and more.

About us

Zonos is a SaaS company dedicated to decoding international commerce. As the leading cross-border technology solution on the market, we partner with thousands of online retailers throughout the world to enhance the international customer experience. **UPS Shippers: Zonos is a UPS Ready | UPS CTP provider. Ask your UPS rep for details.

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Externe kosten kan van toepassing zijn. Deze kosten worden gefactureerd door de externe provider en verschijnen niet op je Shopify-factuur.


1.9% transaction fee (for international orders). Custom implementation services start at $150.

* Alle kosten worden in USD gefactureerd. Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

3.9 van 5 sterren

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Zonos started off great, had it for over a year with not one issue. This year they are clearly going through some ‘changes’ I.e expanding too fast. Constant issues, they make changes to our store tax set up without evening letting us know, one minute charging no tax for a country and the next minute they are. Meaning all our website text is incorrect about shipping. The reply is the government have changed and it’s now mandatory to collect x amount in this country, well Zonos, how about an email to your stores letting them know! Rather than letting them go for days thinking sales are slow to find out customers are now paying hefty fees at checkout went they weren’t before! It’s called communication or a blanket email that you have/are changing the current set up to do XYZ for instance. Pretty naive to think you can just go around changing stuff and not have an effect on checkout conversion. I think the best one was when zone started charging duties on or EU products to the EU. Without telling us, once we realised I received a reply that they had a new blanket rule about preferential rules of origin and had decided our goods didn’t meet the criteria, yet they didn’t think to tell us and lastly were wrong! Our goods are of EU origins and are duty free. Hopeless. Also now makes me laugh support are Monday to Friday, great when they make changes on a Friday and disappear for the weekend leaving the store loosing money. AVOID

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

28 april 2021

Thank you for your honest review. We want you to know that we value EVARAE as a customer and take all feedback we receive seriously. We recognize that the issues with Brexit and the new UK VAT taxation law have been frustrating, and we apologize for the problems you’ve experienced when dealing with the changes that came because of this new way of countries handling/enforcing tax collection. We always strive to make sure we get the proper information before making changes on our end, but we recognize that our in-app communication and emails may not have reached the person that needed to see them. For these reasons, we apologize and hope to learn from these mistakes and do better for our customers. We have reached out to your team separately via email, and hope to get further insight on a scheduled call to understand how we can improve and if there is anything we can do to accommodate any customizations your store has. We also recognize that our customers need support around the clock, and we are currently working on providing weekend support for our growing customer base. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Just Pigments

'Been using it for a few months. Not really sure how the pricing goes. For Canadian shipment I often see a $13 advancement fee which I don't understand. Zonos replied to my inquiry it's a FedEx fee to advance pay the duties and taxes which makes no sense since those duties are paid by us up front or by customer on delivery. FedEx is unresponsive at this point. I have my doubts the app is valuable or not to my internal shipping operation.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

28 april 2021

We appreciate you providing us with feedback and see that we can do a better job at clarifying for online retailers what the fees associated with a landed cost are and where they come from. Since Zonos allows you to tie directly into your carrier account, pulling your exact shipping rates and fees from their API, Zonos has no control over the additional fees charged by carriers. Most of the big carriers do charge what they call an advancement fee or prepayment fee on all international shipments with owed duties and taxes, whether prepaid or collected upon delivery. This is the fee they charge for paying those duties and taxes on you or your customer's behalf at customs entry. We encourage reaching out to your carrier for clarification of those carrier fees and the related charges, and hope that you have heard from them. We have documentation on our website where you can learn more about what makes up a full landed cost, which includes not only duty and tax but also fees, at the following URL: https://docs.zonos.com/guides/total-landed-cost
We are happy to jump on a call to provide more information on the fees associated with landed cost. Please let us know how we can help.

Alex Crane

We love Zonos. Using this app, we've been able to scale our business around the world. Their support staff came to our need over the weekend and we're incredibly helpful. 10/10 would recommend.