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It is a shame that I am only able to give this app 5 stars because I would give it a lot more if it was possible! Simply put...this is BY FAR the best options app out there. Having tried numerous different apps to try and find one that could meet our needs, I can honestly say that I had given up hope...but then I found Dynamic Product Options.

The app is on a completely different level to others with seriously powerful functionality. Fortunately, it doesn't stop there...the support that I received from Roman was on a whole new level! Nothing was too much trouble and he worked hard to make the app work exactly as required. I cannot thank him enough!

Don't waste time looking for Options Apps...if you are reading this review then you have already found the best one available!


I have honestly tried just about every Product Option app on Shopify's app list , Most have an issue. Some are slow and some just mess up your site. A few I won't mention have terrible customer support.

No other app has the features DPO does , You can link directly to your own stock in seconds so prices are updated along with stock. You can have an option with it's own Qty but more than anything they do things for you that no other company does and without charge and very quickly. I have been with them a few years and I say I will pay but they never charge . Such nice People.

The other great thing is the templates where you can make a template and share it on different products - if a price changes everything gets updated.

Maybe others are better at Marketing their app, but please do yourself a a favour don't mess around with other apps use DPO.

X-Case.co.uk Ltd

This app runs circles around Infinite Options.

More customizable, better integration, better service, more features, more polish.

We use Dynamic Product Options as sort of 'bundler' where shoppers can select add-on items on a product page and those extra items get added to cart.

Here are some of the things we love:
- It updates prices in real time as users select options
- Shows which add-ons are out of stock and greys them out
- It shows photos of add-on products
- It pulls live prices of add-on products, so we don't have to keep updating them
- It allows for various quantities of add-ons
- When adding items to cart, it doesn't edit the main product or add extra text.
- Has responsive and helpful support that will fix problems and code solutions for you on the fly. (Thanks Roman, you rock!)

Infinite Options does NONE of those things.

Please just get this app.

Blue Ridge Overland Gear

I tried several other Product Options apps before trying Dynamic Product Options; DPO has been able to handle everything that we needed to do, and then some. I needed some product options to change pricing based on the Size selection, and DPO made it easy. For the other option apps, their support said that they did support this, but they didn't. Roman & all the Support staff at DPO were super-responsive, and helped me get the store exactly the way my client wanted, even correcting my mistakes in the Liquid code for Notifications (like the Order Confirmation). These folks know Shopify, they're fast, & they get it right the 1st time. Can't recommend DPO highly enough.

Mitchell's Ice Cream - San Francisco

I've only had the app for a few days now, but I needed something to allow me to do pretty advanced conditional options AND a lot of different custom options.
But what I really want to talk about is the support. It's so, so refreshing to have such amazing support from the ITORIS developers. All of my questions were answered quickly and they were able to give me custom code to input in the app to do what I wanted it to do.

There was one scenario where I couldn't find the right location in my theme code to input the snippet they gave me, but he was able to go in there and do it for me after I granted access.

If the app doesn't, on the surface, seem to have everything you're looking for - just reach out to support and see if it's possible. I can't recommend them enough!

I want to give a special shout out to Roman. I'm not sure if they're the only support member as I've only always had contact with them, but they have been absolutely amazing.

Hand in Brand

I cannot express enough how grateful and impressed I am with Dynamic Product Options and their outstanding support agent, Roman. They have truly transformed our Shopify store and revolutionized our product customization process. From the very beginning, Roman's professionalism and extensive knowledge of their service made a world of difference.

Dynamic Product Options provides an unlimited customization solution for product options on Shopify, and let me tell you, our design is complex. We were initially worried that finding a solution to meet our specific needs would be a daunting task. However, Roman's expertise and dedication made all the difference.

Roman guided us through every step of the way, ensuring that our design requirements were met flawlessly. He took the time to understand our vision and offered valuable insights and suggestions to enhance our customization capabilities. His attention to detail and ability to find innovative solutions were truly remarkable.

What sets Dynamic Product Options apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Roman was always available to address any questions or concerns we had promptly. His level of professionalism and patience is commendable. No matter how intricate our inquiries, Roman consistently provided clear and comprehensive explanations, making it easy for us to implement and manage the product options seamlessly.

The service itself is unparalleled. With Dynamic Product Options, we now have the power to offer our customers an unrivaled level of customization for our products. Their platform effortlessly handles even the most complex design requirements, allowing us to create a truly unique and tailored shopping experience for our customers. I would like to think that my business has really stress tested DPO and it works perfectly.

Moreover, the ease of integration with Shopify was a pleasant surprise. Dynamic Product Options seamlessly integrates into our store, minimizing any disruption to our workflow. It is clear that they have invested significant effort in ensuring a smooth user experience.

Overall, Dynamic Product Options and their exceptional support agent, Roman, have exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction are second to none. If you are looking for an unlimited customization solution for product options on Shopify, look no further. Dynamic Product Options is the game changer you've been searching for.

I give them a five-star rating and highly recommend their services to any e-commerce business seeking to elevate their customization capabilities. Thank you, Dynamic Product Options and Roman, for your exceptional service!

TheGamingBooster | The Highest Quality Boosting Services

Dynamic Product Options is AMAZING! Our products are pretty complicated, with a lot of customization options AND tier pricing. We have tried so. many. different apps and either nothing else would do everything we needed, or it was overly complicated, ugly, and impossible to update. Dynamic Product Options, on the other hand, is highly customizable yet still easy to use and we can update pricing/options easily. Customer Service (Roman) is beyond incredible – I cannot say enough good things about him! He responds incredibly quickly, is friendly, and has great suggestions for us too. We actually have two websites and plan to migrate the other to Dynamic Product Options ASAP.

Seriously, don't even bother with other apps. This is the one!

Smiling Tree Gifts

100% the most in depth and flexible product options app.
We have tried many different product options apps, this one is my favourite, it does everything you would expect and more.
Roman provided clear and helpful assistance, ensuring the app worked well for our extensive requirements. We made many customisations which required additional set up over an extended period and we always received prompt replies to our messages.
The user interface seemed daunting at first, but because it can do so much. It allows for really quick and easy control over how you use the customisations. It is made in a really clever way, and once you have gone through setting up a couple of options it is really easy to use.


I cannot say enough good things about this app! I tried 5 other options apps and none of them could do what this does and this one has features I didn't even think of! So easy to use once you start and pretty darn intuitive. Super powerful app and the support is also amazing and fast. Thank you SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP!

Curio Press

We have been developing our website with DPO for 2 months. After reviewing other apps with custom options, we found that DPO has the most detailed custom options. Its functionality is amazing and most of all what impressed us most is its support. It's beyond amazing! If I could give 10 stars, I would. When you understand its functionality, it is easy to use. Each of our products has over a million price points and it is only with the DPO that we were able to find the right custom solution for our complex products.
Thank you, Roman and your team for helping and guiding us through this process. Without you and your app, we couldn't have achieved this without you. Your app is certainly one of the best apps on Shopify! Thank you! Thank you!!!