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I've been searching for hours on Shopify for an app that does exactly what this app does. It is simple to use. I recommend following the video instruction guide which will guide you with a step-by-step action on how to add the variant options to your product. I can't recommend this app enough. It worked instantly. I highly recommend this product. I got the 19.99 option and that worked best for what I needed the app for. Enjoy. UPDATE: 5/25/21
I had this app for a few months now and omg this is so good. I had an issue that I couldn't figure out and Roman from customer support was so efficient and also noticed that my site was running slow and assisted me with that as well. My issue was that I wanted to give a 15% off for the second purchased item. The listing had a reed diffuser single item or you can purchase the gift box set. So if you purchase one and wanted the second 15% off I didn't want the hassle of giving customers a coupon code so I wanted to embed it into the listing page. My issue was that the regular item and the gift box set when being selected was not auto-populating for each item individually so when picking the individual reed diffuser the 15% off for the gift box set would still appear and vice versa when customers were selecting the gift box set as their main purchase. And Roman was able to assist and show me that what I needed was the variant scope option and changing the F(value) for each variant. Took me a few days to get it but it was finally done and I couldn't be happier. Oh and I also had to upgrade my plan for more features but this is so worth it. Thank you, Roman. This is an amazing app. UPDATE 10/20/2021
I liked this app however, the many codes trumped with other apps causing my pop ups to not show up. The major reason why I uninstalled was because I couldn't give my customers a discount code for a specific product. I had to create a collection and place the discount code there. Mind you that I had to do that for every single product that I wanted to give a discount code for. Or the other option was to give a store discount. However, if I did a giveaway for an item adding a discount code for the entire store is not a good idea. So sadly I had to delete this app.