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The versatility and functionality it offers are impressive. With it, l've been able to fully and efficiently customize my products, thanks to its wide range of options and functional templates.
Additionally, I want to express my deep appreciation to Roman for his exceptional support as part of the technical support team at Dynamic Product Option. His attention to detail and willingness to find solutions have been instrumental in making my experience
truly extraordinary.
I highly recommend Dynamic Product Option to anyone looking for a versatile and user-friendly solution on Shopify. And thanks to Roman, as a user of this app, you'll feel confident and supported. Thank you for making this level of service and functionality possible!

My Blush Peony

This is the only product option app that I've tried that doesn't cause problems, and price changes without me changing anything in the app myself.

I tried a lot of product option apps trying to get anything to work consistently. This is also the only one that has allowed me to get even the most basic version of what I want, and the developer has gone above and beyond to help me with weird ideas that have exponentially gone beyond what I originally wanted.

I highly recommend giving it a try

Kingsidorak's Store

This app is a hidden gem!!

We searched for over 2 years to find a variant app that would fit our needs as we sell semi-custom products and need expansive variant support that Shopify (nor any other app) has been able to fulfill! We just happened to stumble upon DPO (as it is not one of the usually mentioned suspects when looking for a variant app)!!

Our biggest reason for choosing this app - it won't leave you chasing customers after they have deleted their paid add-on from their cart like other well-touted options apps will, and we have stayed (and likely won't ever leave) because this app has all the bells and whistles...if you can think of it, I bet this app will do it...and a great support team too!

You may need a little time to get this app set up as there are a lot of options, but they do provide good documentation, and it works great, on most themes, right out of the box!

Even when we moved to an EXTREMELY complex theme, their support team worked tirelessly to custom-fit the application into our new theme, and got all of our options looking fantastic again!!

Highly recommend if you have been searching for a variant app to give DPO a try...affordable, has lots of options, and has a support team that is persistent and will get the problem resolved when one arises!!

Original GOAT

Tried many apps, but this is the one that does what it's supposed to do. At first it seems a bit complicated to set up, but the support is very helpful and responds quickly.


Just the thing we were looking for to help solve our service-based product system. Wonderful support - high recommendation!

Film Developing Co

I've been using this app for over two years now. While it does have a steep learning curve, the help section is very good to explain what the different things do. Once you get used to it, it works like a charm. I've only had a few issues, but the support team was quick to help. I can definitely recommend this app!


Most Dynamic Product Options application available. Out of the box it does more than any other application. Even more important, customer support is ready to make any application work with their product. Top notch application with all the help you need to get it perfectly running.


This app has helped us to digitize manual processes. It is extremely powerful and customizable. The best thing: The team supported us during the whole integration and made individual wishes come true.


I've been using this app for 2 years. The support team is very helpful all the time, appreciated!

Maison Flowers

This app is amazing and a game changer. The customizability options are pretty steep and there is a learning curve for a first time user. Their help docs are decent, however there is a little to be desired for the logic they use to make things visible or hidden to your customers.

Their support helped define some issues that I had with theming and had assisted me in understanding the logic for something I wanted to do. But overall, great app that helped me save money by being an all in one app instead of me having to find 6 or 7 different paid apps that do the same thing under one umbrella. Roman was a huge help to me this week !