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Saw my own ad today on a webpage after using this for more than a year. My ad had a broken header so it wasn't showing my logo, it was showing old product images from longer than 8 months ago which were removed from the shop way back then when the new ones were put in. They had no idea something was wrong. I'm guessing all their customers are probably affected. I've spent around $1,966 on advertising through them which I reckon I just wasted. They offered me a $25 credit as the remedy for 8 months of showing old product images that weren't converting instead of the new ones I'd evolved massively. Are you joking? Shopify what the hell I expect a certain standard in here.

Candle Monster
2年多 人在使用应用
Rontar Group OU已回复 2023年7月7日

Thank you for your review and being our customer for such a long time.

We would like to assure you that we continuously update product information, which is shown on the ads, but product pictures are updated not more often than once a month. Such configurations are set on purpose in order not to overload customers' servers.

It is necessary to mention that you periodically suspend your campaign and then restart it in a while. In fact, you were running your retargeting at the beginning of the year and then made a pause. After that, your campaign was restarted in June. Therefore, your pictures have not been updated yet as your campaign was activated after our latest update of the pictures.

Based on the above-mentioned information, we confirm that your campaign was running with the part of outdated pictures for just one month. We understand that this could influence the conversions but according to your statistics the number of clicks was not lower than usual.

For now, all your pictures are updated. It was made as soon as we received your request. We truly regret that you were not satisfied with our services during last month, but we hope that you will accept our bonus offer and keep cooperating with us.


Hate to leave a negative review...but the Dynamic part is missing from the ads they run on your behalf....there is nothing dynamic about the ads and the customer service response (lack of) regarding the dynamic part leaves much more to be desired....

Planner Perfect
大约1年 人在使用应用

Paid several days ago!Retargeting not started and everyday in the APP shows starting!! when ? who knows?contacted them they said daily minimum unique visitor should be aroud 100 ,Again i looked at our site and it's much more than that.Try to contact developer they emailing back with the same answer.
You don't want to waist your time with them.

Anastasia Boutique
9个月 人在使用应用

I do not see anything special in this app. Adwords do the same, also I can not confirm by Google analitic any sells, which done through Rontar. Just feel I waist money. If you believe in miracle, you can try this app. However do not expect any great result.

8个月 人在使用应用

App is faulty. The math on it is consistently incorrect inflating the profit. For example it says I spent $140.74 on ads and made $115.60. And that my profit was $95.59. Um how is that possible? Despite numerous emails to Rontar they can't seem to answer the question and just go in circles.

In addition the sales they say they made show up in Shopify as first time visitors so how exactly is that retargeting? No thanks.

4个月 人在使用应用

The retargeting ads did show up on some sites after your online visitors ( from all sources ) visited your site for retargeting, however, it is hard to know where the ads showed up and there are no advanced control based on age and other factors. Therefore, it means junk traffic visitors might get retargeted as well. We used it and decided to go for other retargeting ads with more controls. They need to provide the tracking history records like many other ad agencies would provide. The overall feeling is like spending money to buy some not so sure impression records. I did see lots of referral links from their ad server. Generally, if an ad is served before being clicked, it should not even show as referral link to the website. I am not so sure about this service.

Master Palm Pneumatic
4个月 人在使用应用
Rontar Group OU已回复 2020年12月14日


Thanks for using our retargeting app. Here are a few comments regarding how we operate:

1. When deciding whether or not we should show your ad to a past visitor of yours, we take multiple parameters into account: when the visitor visited your website the last time, how much time they spent on your website, the ad placement on the website they are currently visiting, whether the visitor clicks ads in general, what the traffic source was that brought the visitor to your site in the first place, and so on. A few dozen parameters in total. Thanks to machine learning, we’re able to make click/conversion predictions much more precisely than you would by adjusting any of these settings yourself. This way we can decrease your CPC and increase your ROI at the same time. Setting the age/gender setting by yourself would only decrease the effectiveness of your campaign. That’s why we don’t have these and many other targeting settings in the public view. The optimization is done by the machine learning algorithm in the background.

2. Thanks to our partners, we have access to literally hundreds of thousands of websites. As a result, for bigger retargeting campaigns, it’s not unusual to see ads being shown on hundreds, sometimes thousands, of websites daily. Showing these websites in your account would only clutter your statistics report and wouldn’t give you any insights into how your ads are performing. Moreover, as mentioned above, our machine learning algorithms decide where your ads should be shown based on data. Giving our customers the ability to manually choose/blacklist sites would only decrease your campaign effectiveness.

3. All our links to your site are marked with UTM parameters. You should be able to see the clicks from us under utm_source=rontar in your Google Analytics or any other tracking software you might be using. Some obscure and less popular browsers do truncate our links sometimes, but they are in the minority and should not exceed more than 5-10% of all traffic generally.

Hope this helps.

If you have other questions or concerns, please reach out to your account manager via the chat. They will be happy to help.


was emailed there's a "free forever" by Alex Velikiy (Growth Specialist) which turned turned out to be limited to a couple days, as it was no longer offered 4 days later once I had the opportunity to install/try the app. How is a Free Forever plan limited time only?

KWillems Designs
3个月 人在使用应用
Rontar Group OU已回复 2019年10月4日


Thanks for the review and your question. The Free Forever plan is currently discontinued. Although it was completely free, stores would get only 3,000 ad impressions under the plan, which didn’t turn out to be nearly enough to drive any meaningful results for those stores.

So we’ve decided to introduce the Starter plan, which is 10X more effective than the Free Forever plan used to be. Also, the Starter plan costs just $60, which makes it affordable for virtually everyone.

I hope this helps.

P.S.: The last time we reached out to anyone with the Free Forever offer was September 23.


Preloads HUNDREDS of dollars from linked payment method before theres even a chance to use preloaded funds

Wicked Mouth Cosmetics
3个月 人在使用应用
Rontar Group OU已回复 2020年8月19日

Hi, thanks for your review and for using our app.

The information about how we bill customers can be found on the Billing page and it is prominently displayed so that anybody can see it. Since Rontar is an advertising company, we charge $25.00 initially and then automatically every time the advertising balance gets low. This is in accordance with your daily budget settings and to cover the amount required in the upcoming week. This is how many advertising companies work.

In your particular case, you were charged $25 initially. On the first day of your ad campaign, because you had no maximum daily budget set, you exhausted your balance. As a result, the system charged you again, and once again a day later to cover the expenses for the upcoming period.

Please note, there are options for you to limit your campaign, including setting the maximum daily budget and cost per click.

Hope this helps.


Would say just okay not much success one sale in whole month

Gift Bzaar
2个月 人在使用应用

BE AWARE, TOTAL SCAM !!!!!!!!! very Disappointing in any sense , the worst was that they CHARGE for CLICKS not for Sales as they write in their policy they just Suck your Budget of 100$ that they initially requested NOT even one SALE what i can say, i have even make an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT on Shopify Support !
my Shop : www.eugfashion.com

大约2个月 人在使用应用
Rontar Group OU已回复 2019年3月14日

Hi there,

I’m very sorry you haven't seen results from using our app. But I would like to give a detailed answer to your review:

1. We bill per click/impression, not per sale. This is clearly stated here: https://help.rontar.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002831574-How-does-Rontar-charge-my-account-

2. We did bill you $100 initially, but you spent only $55.81 of it. The rest was refunded to you upon your request.

3. You spent just $55.81 on retargeting, which may not always be enough to see sales. Sometimes you may spend $50 and see no sales, then you see 2 or 3 sales with the next $50 spent on ads. This is how it usually works.

If you ever decide to give our app a try again, we have a free plan now that you can use.