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15 mei 2023

I needed to consolidate 10 products into 1 product with 10 variants to make it easier for my customers to easily view and add multiple items from one page to their basket. However different descriptions for each variant was beyond the scope of Shopify so tried out several apps to get around this. Having tested several solutions I found that the Variant Description OMG app was by far the best app for achieving this.

I then required some additional script to enable an additional function. Mircea was so helpful and came back within hours and sorted this function out for me.

Really pleased with the app and with the service. Support was very quick and helpful...!

Would definitely recommend.

Student Storage | Door2DoorStudentStorage
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26 maart 2023

5* to Mircea Piturca from the app Support.

I recently added the Variant Description OMG app to my Shopify store and I am extremely impressed with the results. This app has allowed me to add unique descriptions for each variant of my products, which has made it so much easier for my customers to understand the differences between each option. The app is incredibly user-friendly and has made it very easy for me to create and add variant descriptions to my products.

Since I started using Variant Description OMG, I have noticed a significant increase in sales, as well as a decrease in returns and customer support inquiries. The ability to communicate different shipping times or availability information, provide variant sizing information, display variant materials or fabrics, and differentiate between different kits or combo packages has been a game-changer for my business.

Overall, I highly recommend Variant Description OMG to anyone who sells complex products and wants to enhance their product pages. This app is truly the solution for any Shopify store looking to improve their customer experience and increase sales.

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21 april 2023

I forgot to leave a review right after being in touch with Mircea from Variant Description OMG but better late than never. I needed to use a Variant Description function for my store to be adapted to a specific requirement and I must say it has been easy to have it done. Not to mention that it works perfectly fine. Depending on your business, variant descriptions may be very helpful to build trust with customers who always feel more comfortable when provided with precise info. Variant description OMG truly helps in that.

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7 oktober 2022

Highly recommend using this , especially for people who need to use many different product variants and want to adjust the descriptions. That's what I do and I am never going back. When I had a problem with something Mircea was there ready to help. Very reliably.

Always Pu’Aloma
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1 juni 2023

I have one product but with 12 variants but wanted different descriptions for each variant. This app is AMAZING and does exactly what I want it to do. Any queries were quickly sorted out by Mircea. Would definitely recommend.

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14 dagen gebruiken de app
1 mei 2023

This app solved one of the biggest drawbacks with Shopify not natively supporting the use of variant metafields. Mircea went above and beyond to customize the app to our specific needs, and did so with a lighting fast response time, answering any questions we had along the way. I highly recommend Sections Design and their full suite of apps including Variant Description OMG to anyone looking for a code free solution with robust customization for managing product variant metafields and more.

CatEye America
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28 maart 2023

The app itself is exactly what I was looking for - you can customise the description, images, tables etc. for each variant very easily, without any need for coding! Aside from the app, the support has been incredible - I had a question about adding images and Mircea replied super quickly with a detailed answer and screenshots to explain. Really great app!

Hand Forged
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29 november 2022

Great experience, great service, thank you.
While the product description can be changed according to the options, the option name can also be added after the product name above.
Many thanks to the manufacturer for their help.

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27 maart 2023

Have just started using this app for my store and it is a complete gamechanger!

Using it with variant metafields adds so much functionality to the store without having to do anything hacky or weird.

The support from Mircea has also been brilliant and he is always happy to go the extra mile to make sure your problem is solved.

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30 januari 2023

Customer support was awesome! Mircea helped me with creating a different variant along with the product variant description! Highly recommend, I will be using this app on all of my online stores!

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