E‑Marketplace Services (EMS)

E‑Marketplace Services (EMS)

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We automate your order processing workflow

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Order synchronization

Synchronize your orders across multiple sales channels. You can print your shipping labels right from our platform

Discounted shipping rates

If you are a low volume Canadian seller or simply not happy with your current shipping rates, we will help you to find better shipping rates

Live shipping rates

Integrate with multiple carries to get the best sipping rates, query live shipping rates from integrated carriers

Su E‑Marketplace Services (EMS)

Why use EMS?

Do you sell on multiple channels? Do you ship by multiple carriers? Do you have problems managing your inventory quantity? Do you spend lots of time doing all these kind of routine jobs?

EMS is the simplest way to manage orders and inventories from multiple stores by real-time syncing directly with stores and carriers.

With EMS, you no longer need to log into different marketplace admin pages at daily basis to manage your orders or inventories. EMS helps you to automate your business workflow so that you can save time/money.


  1. Help Canadian sellers to find lowest shipping rates regardless of sales volume.
  2. Easily manage all your orders from multiple stores in a single interface.
  3. Automatically synchronize all of your orders and products from every store.
  4. Share inventory and fulfill orders across multiple stores.
  5. Automatically complete the order and upload tracking numbers to multiple stores.
  6. Support Shopify's Calculated Shipping Rates (live rates feed), your customer can see the live shipping rates during checkout.

Q and A

What is the cost to use EMS?

Our FREE plan allows you to connect one channel, one carrier, and print 50 labels per month.

In order to print shipping labels, merchants are required to use their own carrier accounts to print shipping labels. The shipping fees are charged automatically by your carrier account when you print the label from us.

If you are a Canadian seller, we can help to you obtain better shipping rates, regardless of your sales volume.

Do I need to install your software? Any special system requirements?

EMS is a cloud-based service, only requires a browser and a printer (to print shipping labels). We recommend you to use a thermal label printer to print shipping labels. However regular ink or laser printer works too. We recommend Google Chrome.

Do I need to install browser plugins in order to print the label on my Zebra label printer?

No, you don't need to install any browser plugin, you can print the labels directly from your browser.

What are the supported carriers?

We currently support Stamps.com, EShipper, EasyPost, Stallion Express, Chitchats, UPS, Fedex, Purolator and Canada Post. More carries to come!

I am in Canada, but I ship to USA, can you help on the shipping rates?

Yes, we work closely with major carriers, so we can help sellers to obtain better domestic and international shipping rates. Install our app and talk to us.

How do I get support?

We provide live chat and ticket support.

Can I schedule a demo?

Certainly! You can schedule a demo right from our website!

Si integra con

  • chitchats,
  • stallion express,
  • eshipper,
  • UPS,
  • Canada Post,
  • Fedex

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Installazione gratuita

There will be a monthly subscription fee after free period ends. Users need to use their own carrier account for labels

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Le recensioni più recenti

I Am Naturelle

i have been using this application since i opened my online store with shopify. it makes shipping less stressful and mike is very helpful whenever i'm in need of him. i recommend this app to anyone with multiple stores. Thank you for this app!

Spotted Clothes

I’m very happy to say EMS literally solved the two biggest issues my online company was having; which was finding a way to sync our entire online inventory to multiple platforms and finding an easier way to do shipments. In the past, we used other software’s to connect our eBay inventory to Shopify store, however, it always messed up our Shopify inventory and had slow and unhelpful customer service. Additionally, the carrier’s shipping software was complicated in which long wait times for customer service were required.

We luckily stumbled upon E‑Marketplace Services. They literally made shipping efficient and simple, while providing the option to sync our inventory to all three of our online stores: eBay, Shopify, and Etsy. This essentially saved us a tremendous amount of time and pressure off of managing inventory and shipping.

Setting up EMS was painless. They had a very helpful step by step videos to guide us through what we need to do. And if you had any questions or problems, they go above and beyond to resolve it within less than 24 hours.

Since using EMS we’re able to do shipments a lot quicker than using the carrier’s software. We also did not need to worry about having our inventory going out of sync. We recently found out that there’s an option to sync messages in which pre-saved templates can be made to respond to customer’s inquiries, you should definitely check that out! It also provides information regarding where the majority of your orders are going which helps when it comes to online advertisement.

Overall, for me, this app is better than any third party inventory syncing software or shipping software I used. We vouch for this app!