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13. lokakuu 2022

I was super excited at how easy it was to create and order from a catalog. But, as I went through the process of testing ordering from the catalog, I found the app to be a bit buggy and I ran into issues I could not find support to correct. For one, I couldn't find a way to keep my customized cover page from changing when ever I opened the pdf version of the catalog. I could see my front page image when the catalog was presented as a thumbnail but it quickly disappeared in the pdf version. It's a small but very annoying issue. The much larger issue was not having my wholesale price reflected when items were placed in the cart which is the sole purpose of my paying for the app in the first place. And, lastly, the most annoying issue of all is NO ACCESS to support for these types of questions and others. Very disappointing cause I had such high hopes for this app.

dOSA Natural Body Care Products
Vuosi sovelluksen käyttöä
aleksovApps vastasi 14. lokakuu 2022

Thank you for feedback. Sorry, just we didn't receive your support request in our inbox and we usually respond in max 1h. Let's use Zoom to fix the all issues you have. I'm ready when you are. Best regards

11. heinäkuu 2022

It's really clunky, I still haven't finished a catalog. When I create a cover page and then scroll down a page and then back up the cover page is removed and it becomes the page I scrolled down to. When I remove retail products I don't want in a wholesale catalog it lets me do a few and then after a few it locks up and doesn't let me do any more. It overall just doesn't seem to be worth the money?

Wild Cherry Spoon Co.
8 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
aleksovApps vastasi 15. heinäkuu 2022

update: 14. July - app issues FIXED

Hello. Between 9. July and 12. There were a few issues with our app and the catalogs are not generated.

I would like to arrange a Zoom/Skype/TeamViewer meeting so I could show you the full potential of our app. I know that your first experience wasn't good but everything works again now.

Very sorry about these issues. Now is everything FIXED, and we believe we are the best catalog app in the Shopify App Store. Please send us your feedback.
Best regards

6. lokakuu 2022

I was very excited about this app and it seemed to be working well, but now it won't let me edit at all. I can't change the cover page, colors, font, anything. It just keeps re-loading and taking me back to the original every time I make a change. I'm trying to get in touch with the help desk but haven't had any luck.

Zelda Nashville
24 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
aleksovApps vastasi 6. lokakuu 2022

App in work:
Your catalog generated in PDF and order form:

Thank you for your review. Let's arrange a Zoom call, I'm ready when you are and we will fix the issues as soon as possible. I tried to reproduce it on my end but it seems everything works fine on my machine ( and it's very odd that it doesn't work for you and I would like to fix it immediately.