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20. heinäkuu 2022

The app works great, it's very easy to use and customer service was really fast and effective! They solved my issue within a few hours.

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11. joulukuu 2020

Just what I was looking for! need to refresh the page to appear when i click next page but satisfied til now!

Dashing Diva Singapore
Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
NexusMedia OÜ vastasi 11. joulukuu 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for your review, we really glad you like the app. We're already working on the fix for ajax pagination, that will solve the problem you described. We'll update you once the update will be published!

EasyStock team

Muokattu 8. helmikuu 2021

There is not clear cut information on what information is needed for the widget to work, and what information is shared to the developer. Your response doesn't tell me what data you take from my store. I have a privacy policy on my website, but your app doesn't tell me if you are saving my customer's data to sell off.

Gacha x2
Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
NexusMedia OÜ vastasi 8. helmikuu 2021

Hi there,

We're really sorry EasyStock was confusing! The app works with most themes out of the box, including the theme you mentioned you're using (in your initial review). So it just don't need any additional installation/configuration steps. We've just double checked on the clean copy of the theme from the Theme Store, and it's working perfectly.

Most probably, your theme has been customized manually or by 3rd party apps and the problem occurred.

Anyway, we'll be glad to check this and make sure the app is working properly on your store. Our support team was trying to reach you by email, but no luck. So please feel free to drop us a line to and we'll be happy to assist.

UPD: our support team responded your questions related to our Privacy Policy in the email we sent you earlier. We never sell any data - of our customers, or their stores customers. EasyStock app do not have access to your store customers data at all. A link you our Privacy Policy you can find on the app listing page in Shopify AppStore (as for any other Shopify app). Here's direct link to our Privacy Policy: As for access to your Store Data, you could go to Apps section of your Store, find EasyStock - Inventory Widgets there and click About link. You'll see the list of data our app have access to. In short, we have access to Products and Themes section of your store, and we don't have access to your Customer data. EasyStock do not store any information about your store except on your shop domain and information you add on the app settings page, but we have access to general information about your store via Shopify API (like any other app you install, according to Shopify App data privacy: API access will be revoked once you remove the app from the Apps section of your Store. 48hrs after the removal we remove any information we have related to your store from our databases.

Hope that makes things more clear. If you'll have any further questions feel free to contact our support team as it will be much more easier rather than editing review to the app here. Our support team is always happy to help!

EasyStock team

26. maaliskuu 2021

Most importantly, this app shows stock counts on collections page. Lets you choose different messages for different stock levels. Lets you apply to different collections. Tried 2 other more popular apps before this one, and this one seems to be the best for me.

Just Think Toys
27 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
23. syyskuu 2021

I have always loved this app., easy, clean even a child can install it, LOL. I used it in the past but didn't need it anymore until now. Very happy.

Shop On In
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28. tammikuu 2023

Very Good App. Easy to use. The support is really great and they reply fast. I recommend this app to everybody !

Astronomy Plus
23 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
4. helmikuu 2021

Great app - perfect little widget to show when your stock is low to give scarcity to your customers.

Manchester Factory
6 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
2. toukokuu 2023

We were looking for a simple and well priced app that informed our customers of our stock level, as we found this greatly reduces "IS X IN STOCK" emails. Easy Stock Product Labels looked like it fit our needs. The app didn't work out of the box with our theme, but NexusMedia was able to quickly solve that and get the app fully functional with our theme!

Battle Garage Racing Service
5 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
23. elokuu 2022

Great service and fast. They have added an additional feature for us at no cost. Everything works perfectly.

5 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
2. huhtikuu 2021

This app is excellent at conveying low stock quantities and "only X left". It really helps to bring sales.
The customer support is excellent and I had some custom requests that were handled easily and quickly by their developers.
I look forward to more features. The app is easy and intuitive to use.
I thoroughly recommend you try it.

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