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16. maaliskuu 2024

This is a clean and easy to use app that is super useful for us. I've tried other ways to integrate my other platforms, mostly Etsy, with Shopify. This is head and shoulders the best and easiest. And they don't charge too much.

Our Process: For me, I don't care about inventory counts (because we make our merch to order), nor do I care aobut "unifying orders" into one platform. I only care aobut listing new products on our Etsy shops (which sell the most), and then bringing them into Shopify. This app does it best for that. After they are in Shopify, we export to eBay through Market Connect.

I've used several other apps, including List Perfectly and Sell Brite, but their features didn't match what we need. So glad I found this app! Thanks for makig it.

Catholic Art and Jewelry
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NexusMedia OÜ vastasi 18. maaliskuu 2024


Thank you for the fantastic feedback! Knowing our app suits you and helps your business is a pleasure. Thanks for being our client!

If you have any suggestions or ideas on the app functionality - please let us know via We'll consider implementing them.

Best regards,
The NexusMedia team.

11. toukokuu 2024

easy for use

Wired Bazaar
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NexusMedia OÜ vastasi 13. toukokuu 2024


Ease of use is the main concept of our products! Thank you for appreciating our work!

If you need assistance, feel free to contact our 24/7 support team!

Best regards,
The NexusMedia team!

29. syyskuu 2023

Works great just as advertised! Very cheap, fast and easy. Thank you!

18 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
NexusMedia OÜ vastasi 3. lokakuu 2023


Thank you for your kind words!
It's fantastic to know the app works just as you need it.

Nexusmedia team.

2. syyskuu 2023

Very seamless. Thank you

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NexusMedia OÜ vastasi 4. syyskuu 2023


Very concise and lovely! 😊
Thanks for your warm words and for choosing our app.

Warm regards,
Nexusmedia team.

16. elokuu 2023

Super easy tp use! I do not know anything about importing listings from my Etsy shop to shopifty, however this was full proof and super easy!! One time flat rate payment was also nice to not have a subscription.

Wonder in Toys & Urban Littles
17 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
NexusMedia OÜ vastasi 17. elokuu 2023


Thanks for your positive review of 'Easy Import - Etsy Migration' - it made our day. It's essential for us to know that we offer the right product combination, and your warm words let us know that we are on the right way. Thank you!

Feel free to reach 24/7 support if you need assistance or have questions.

Warm regards,
Nexusmedia Team.

6. marraskuu 2023

Increiblemente útil, importa hasta las etiquetas, la recomiendo 100%

8 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
NexusMedia OÜ vastasi 10. marraskuu 2023


Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! We appreciate your recommendation - it is really valuable for our team.

Feel free to reach our support 24/7 if you need assistance.

Warm regards,
The Nexusmedia team

10. kesäkuu 2022

This app saved me countless hours copying my listings from my Etsy shop. It gives you a chance to weed through anything you may have selected on accident before import. It's an app I've used on an on-going basis, beyond my initial import. When I make new products, I list on Etsy first and then import only those new listings to Shopify. Very easy to use!

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Muokattu 11. heinäkuu 2022

Just OMG! I have been looking for a decent, easy to use Migration App. I needed to migrate about 50 (select) items from my Etsy to my Shopify. It was so easy and so inexpensive. Charged by migration item, not a monthly fee. I had questions at first and Customer Support was quick to respond. What would have taken me several days to accomplish, only took me a few hours. Thank you guys!!!

Recovery Bling
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29. heinäkuu 2020

This APP was quick and easy to use! Love it. Just sync with Etsy store and all products linked. A must have!

Tarot Scents
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8. toukokuu 2019

This app made importing my Etsy listings ridiculously fast & easy. Importing 126 listings, from start to finish, only took a few minutes and all info/photos/variants imported perfectly. Will definitely check out more apps from this developer.

The Prim Rose
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