EasyScan: SKU and Barcode

EasyScan: SKU and Barcode

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Scan Create & Fulfill Order, Manage Stock, Barcode & SKU Print

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Create and Fulfill Orders

Create and fulfill orders by scanning items with a barcode scanner or smart-device, preventing errors. Print Packing Slips and Pick-lists.

Generate and Print Barcodes

Assign Barcodes and SKUs to your products. Easily print custom barcode labels, compatible with all scanners.

Check and Update Stock

Check your product stock by scanning the barcode or SKU. Quickly increase or decrease stock levels at any of your locations.

Über EasyScan: SKU and Barcode

What can EasyScan do?

  • Create and Fulfill Orders using a barcode scanner, tablet, or smartphone
  • Print Pick-lists and Packing slips to aid your fulfillment process
  • Generate Barcodes or SKUs for your products
  • Print custom Barcode Labels
  • Check and Update inventory using a barcode scanner
  • Manage inventory across all of your locations

Perfect for In-Person Sales and Warehouse Operations

A much faster way to create and fulfill orders. Scan the SKU or barcode with a scanner or smartphone and instantly add the product to your order.

Pick & Pack Orders with a Barcode Scanner

Use a barcode scanner to pack orders quickly and efficiently. Prevent angry customers and reduce shipping errors by checking each product as it is added to an order.

Generate and Print Barcodes

Automatically assign barcodes to all of your products. Create custom barcodes if your products don’t come with one from the manufacturer or use the SKU. Easily print or download barcode labels either individually or in bulk.

Use Any Barcode Scanner

Compatible with all scanners, USB or Bluetooth. Connect the scanner to your computer, and the app will instantly and automatically connect with your hardware. Alternatively, you can use your smart device and scan using its camera.

Create Orders by SKU or Barcode

Create orders by scanning the items into an Order and selecting a customer. Add discounts, payment, and other information once the items are added. The perfect solution for in-person sales or at events.

Avoid Costly Fulfillment Mistakes

Prevent fulfillment mistakes by scanning out every item in an Order before fulfilling it. EasyScan displays what products should be in the Order, and tracks when they are scanned out. You can quickly mark the order as fulfilled and add tracking information within EasyScan.

Check Inventory

Conduct inventory checks quickly for any location. Scan all your products, and print a report on how many items were scanned versus how many items are in Shopify's database.

Simple and Quick Inventory Updates

Scan in Barcodes or SKUs to quickly increase or decrease the stock levels. Perfect for physical or online stores, or merchants who manage their own inventory.

Unlimited Inputs and Multi-Location

Input an unlimited number of items from all of your locations. Quick and easy inventory counts, updates, and order creation.

Fast and Efficient

The app is designed to be fast and snappy. Your speed and efficiency won't be limited by our software, we integrate directly with Shopify.

Expert Customer Support

We're available in less than 24 hours 7 days a week for any problems you have.

Speed up your inventory management processes today with our 10-day free trial or reach out to our customer support team with any of your questions.

Integriert mit

  • Barcode scanner,
  • Smartphone,
  • Tablet,
  • Desktop,
  • Laptop



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  • Unlimited inventory scans
  • Unlimited order creations
  • Unlimited order fulfillments
  • Any location
  • Free and fast support

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We started using this app recently and its amazing, avoids all mistakes you do while packing as the easy scan will check the correct items in the order for us and the user interface is really good when compared to similar apps and great customer support as they have added some features immediately when we requested for them.

Nether Industries

Great app for use in scanning barcodes for updating inventory. And the support is beyond great! I submitted a support ticket and someone got back to me within an hour. My problem required a change to the app and they fixed it within 24hrs. I'm very impressed with the speed and level of support I received.


The professional-level support team considered all my requests and working really fast on solving all my questions, the App is very useful and stable, recommend!