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Bearbeitet am 8. April 2024

I made a test door-to-door shipment with this company on february, 16 from US to Mexico. Delivery time was specified 6-8 working days. After more than month of waiting my package I thought that I need to forget about my package but unexpectedly I received it after 46 days, on april 4th. Better is later than never.
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15. Juli 2024


Etwa 3 stunden mit der App
27. Februar 2023

I have been using the app for over a year now. At first I left a 5 star review but I deleted it. The prices suddendly increased (apparently they made a mistake when caculating them). Customer support declined. I've had an issue for a year now and still not able to help me with it. Always the same questions that lead to nowhere and particularly to no refund.
It's a good app, still recommend, but I will change the minute I find better for sure.

Les Sultanas
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Easyship hat geantwortet 20. März 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for providing your feedback, we're sorry to hear your experience has changed from a 5-star to a 2-star.

We've been trying to reach out to you in an attempt to understand what has occurred here but we're yet to hear back from you. If you could respond to our emails I'm certain we can figure this out and get things back to a 5-star experience!

All the best,


Bearbeitet am 9. April 2019

Be warned: EasyShip looks nice and shiny but start digging under the hood and there are some things you need to be wary of.
Great for cash flow (pay as you go),
Nice additions such as tracking page with banners,
Integration with PayPal,
Reasonably good support
The Hong Kong warehouse partner they paired me with has been an unmitigated disaster. Lost orders, lost stock and ineffective coms,
A number of selling features just weren't available and the support couldn't get them to work (No way to turn off taxes and charges for irrelevant countries, discounted shipping),
Would not allow me to have a business address outside of Hong Kong in order to ship from HK (which is so freakin bizarre it's astonishing)
The inability to sync products with Shopify (seriously you need to import a CSV file!), SKU's weights etc is similarly an insane omission. It betrays the lack of inventory management knowledge within the core team at EasyShip. This and the following omission places your fulfilment service at severe risk - you are warned,
Barcodes of products are not featured or considered. Someone thought this was unimportant. It is.

Pro's aside I have decided to stock out of the disastrous warehouse I was paired with, cut my losses and finish with EasyShip. EasyShip was pretty bummed for me so I can't blame them beyond a lack of due diligence in bringing this warehouse on-board. If you plan to ship from home or your own business perhaps consider it. Otherwise tread carefully...

Jack Stillman
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4. Februar 2019

I lost a lot of sales because of this app. During the checkout process there were many instances when it wouldn't provide customers shipping rates or only provide expensive shipping options when there were definitely less expensive options/carriers. This caused so many abandoned carts and messed up my latest product launch sales.

Though the shipping offers on the backend are at times lower than other platforms, I will not use the calculated shipping rates ever again.

It's good to have as an option for manual shipping label fulfillment not for customer-facing calculated live rates at checkout.

The Dark Lord
Vereinigte Staaten
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15. Februar 2023

Has taken 48+ hours to get back to one of my tickets. I'm left in the dark with support not answering my question

3 monate mit der App
Easyship hat geantwortet 20. März 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback, we've been trying to get in touch with you repeatedly to discuss any issues you may have. If you could get back to us I'm positive we can turn this around for you!

All the best,


27. Juli 2020

DO NOT USE THIS APP! While there were some great features I was ready to put to work for my business, there were many parts of the app that were just broken. The rules didn't work, and it would never integrate our FedEx account. Never any replies to the countless inquiries about integration.

Stealth Hitches - The Hitch Made to be Hidden
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