EasySub Subscriptions Billing

EasySub Subscriptions Billing

da EasySub

Easily sell subscriptions and collect recurring revenue.

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Easy to use

Set it all up in 3 easy steps. Collect recurring revenue from your customers. We'll handle all the subscription billing automatically.

Simple Management

Create and manage subscriptions straight from the Shopify Admin Dashboard. Our simple design allows you to streamline your workflows.

Customer Subscription Portal

Let customers manage their own subscriptions directly from your shop to save yourself time from customer support.

Su EasySub Subscriptions Billing

EasySub Subscriptions Billing

EasySub helps to create, manage, and process subscriptions that have a recurring billing schedule. EasySub integrates natively with Shopify Checkout with the latest Subscriptions API for a smooth customer experience. Easily add subscription products to your store in 3 simple steps! If you are looking to earn recurring revenue, EasySub is for you!

*EasySub requires Shopify Payments to process subscriptions

How it works?

  1. Create a selling plan to customise how a product should be sold as a subscription
  2. Assign the selling plan to a product
  3. Use our one click installation button to automatically build all the pages to allow customers to purchase and manage subscriptions

You are done! Sit back and let the recurring revenue roll in! :) We will automatically bill customers for purchased subscriptions.

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

  • feel free to try the app and leave if it does not meet your needs

Native Shopping Experience

  • EasySub is integrated with Shopify Checkouts, so customers can have a smooth journey and stay within your store when purchasing subscription products
  • customers can purchase both one-time and subscription products seamlessly in the same checkout

Customise Subscription Pricing & Intervals

  • setup daily, weekly, monthly, or annual delivery intervals
  • setup subscribe & save discounts for products to boost retention

Customer Subscription Portal

  • uses Shopify customer accounts for single sign-on
  • let customers manage their own subscriptions to cut down on support time
  • the portal is embedded directly within your shop's account page

Email Notifications

  • customers automatically receive email notifications to review and update their payment details when payments fail

Automatic Retry Billing Attempts

  • EasySub will automatically try to bill failed payments in a future date

Friendly Top-Rated Support

  • access expert support developers to get your subscription up and running easily

Have Questions?

Contact us anytime!

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  • easysubapp@gmail.com


Starter Plan

Installazione gratuita

$0.05 per billing attempt

  • Unlimited Subscription Plans
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Automatic Billing
  • Subscription Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Email Alerts

Plus Plan


  • NO transaction fees
  • Unlimited Subscription Plans
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Automatic Billing
  • Subscription Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Email Alerts

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD.
** Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

4.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

22 Lions

Easy is not the right name for this. You want me to go to every single product out of 300 to create a plan? TimeConsuming App

Achieve Holistic Wellness

Hi, I am delighted to share my experience with the EasySub app. First, I researched several other recurring payment/subscription apps, after which I found everything you need at a highly affordable cost at EasySub. While it a relatively new app, I interacted with the genius behind the app, Kevin. He understands Shopify thoroughly and how each field corresponds with his app offering maximum flexibility and utility. In addition, he is very creative in problem-solving and very quick in Turn Around Time. He helped me maintain my business model without having technology dictate that. He is customer focussed and very helpful.
All the best to you, Kevin, and your app, and I wish you all the success.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

12 giugno 2021

Glad you're happy with our solution with EasySub! It was fun working with you and thanks for the review!

Karten Design Fabrik

EasySub Subscription app is excellent. The direct integration with the Shopify checkout makes for a smoother transaction. The code appears to be small and doesn't affect my product page speed. There is no branding such as with Recharge Apps. The customer service is fast and informed. The billing model is flexible and covers both possibilities:pay-per-transaction or a monthly fee. The interface is straight-forward and easy to use. Overall it's a well thought-out app which deals with the shortcomings of the more popular Subscription apps. 5 Stars.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

4 giugno 2021

Thank you for the kind words! It was awesome working with you and we're looking forward to helping you and your business grow! :)