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Sync your inventory across bundles, kits and, multipacks

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Automate inventory sync

Create bundles and let our system adjust your inventory in real-time.

Save time

Stop wasting time synchronizing your inventory manually. Focus on what matters - sales. Not on copying and pasting product quantities.

Increase your sales

Bundle a few products together, offer a discount price, let our app sync the inventory between those items, and watch your sales grow!

Su EasySync

Supercharge your Inventory Management with this App!

Track and Sync your inventory across bundles, groups, and individual products. Do you sell products in kits, sets, or multipacks? EasySync is a handy app to manage your inventory.

EasySync is a godsend for you if you:

  • Sell bundles or kits. For example, selling a camera bundle reduces the inventory quantity of the camera by 1, lenses by 2, memory card by 1 and, bag by 1.
  • Sell product variants that have the same physical quantity. For instance, you are selling a unisex tee and have 2 individual products setup in Shopify. Every time you sell one of those tees, you will reduce the base quantity, no matter if it is bought from the male or female collection.
  • Have multiple products that share the same inventory.
  • Spend a lot of time restocking and updating product quantities.
  • Want to grow your store and automate your chores.

How does EasySync Work?

Imagine EasySync be your army of tiny robots, ever ready to sync your inventory. It is seamless and fast! And it works completely in the background, so there is no impact on your site speed. Some of the most important benefits you enjoy with EasySync:

  • When you make a sale, the inventory of each item within the group of the connected items is automatically reduced. BOOM! just like that
  • EasySync handles refunds as well. So if you process a refund for an item, our two-way sync engine will update the inventory wherever that item is present in your store.
  • All of the inventory syncs happen automatically and in the background. So you never have to worry about incorrect product quantities or even slowing down your site. 

Will EasySync increase the load speed of my website?

No, not at all. Our app runs completely in the background and doesn’t add any files to your theme. So you will not see any increase in the load speed of your website.

Do I have to make any changes to my theme?

No, Never. All EasySync processes happen in the background so it doesn’t modify any files of your theme. No coding is required.

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Free plan


  • Up to 2 bundles

Standard plan


  • Up to 20 bundles

Unlimited plan


  • Unlimited bundles

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