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27 dicembre 2023

This app does not work. And support is non-existent. There was no screen to link an eBay account and no way to go back to previous steps. It makes you select products to import even if there are no products to import and then errors out when it can't find the products that don't exist.

Bushido Driver
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15 novembre 2023

Horribly designed app that is unnecessarily complicated. Nothing ever stays working.
It's a constant cycle of fixing something, it works for a week then doesn't again.
Items sync inventory sometimes, but not consistently. Always overselling items.
The profile system for the items is ridiculous and time consuming. No way to edit ebay expected fields in app. Constantly not finding profiles for products.
This is definitely the worst, most time consuming app for ebay integration.
They also bait and switched everyone. Used to have a free plan with 50 product uploads and 10 orders per month. Then they changed it so it's 50 products and 10 orders for a lifetime, after that you have to pay their ridiculous pricing to keep using.

Paramount Camera & Repair
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
13 dicembre 2023

They marketed even on this about page in here, the Shopify App Store that this app will make selling on eBay easier. Can someone tell me why selling on eBay is easier with this app? Na... It makes adding eBay as an additional sales channel easier - import is NOT from eBay to Shopify, it is Shopify to eBay. Ugh I hope you don't waste your time like I did hoping this was going to be a nice solution to migrate eBay to Shopify.Waaa Waaa....

Unique Findings Boutique
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26 marzo 2024

ACHTUNG ABZOCKE!!!!! Ich habe die App für 24 Stunden und damit ich die "volle" Potentiale der App erschöpfen könnte, das Abo für 12 Monate abgeschlossen. Ohne Abo hat man Zugriff auf nur wenige Funktionalitäten. Ich habe nach 24 Stunden die App und Abo gekündigt, CED behält aber das Geld für das volle Jahr!! sie weigern sich das Geld zurück zu erstatten! Ein Jahr für Knapp 24 Stunde!! Leute ich warne, das ist eine Abzocke, finger Weg von dieser App!!!

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27 ottobre 2023

Does not work as promised wasted tons of time

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21 agosto 2023

this app is incredibly complicated for no reason. The profile creation process is ridiculous and doesn't function with any amount of ease.

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3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
13 novembre 2023

App cannot link ebay and shopify listings with same SKU names.

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Data modifica: 8 giugno 2023

So after 2 years I quit using the app, selling things on eBay at a price from several years ago just wasn't a great experience for me or my customers.

To the credit of ced commences, they assigned an account manager and tried to resolve the issues I outline below. Unfortunately, the manager seemed most invested in fixing my review rating and less invested in fixing the underlying problems. Once it became apparent that wasn't in the cards he disappeared without resolving these issues.

The support is just bad. Why have a live chat if the answer is always "we need to escalate your issue to a developer, and will followup in a few days"?

A few problems here. 1) Products sync degrades over time, and they want me to use app credits to resync products. Would be super awesome if a 500 product limit meant 500 products and not (for example) 125 product which need to be resynced 4 times because the app for some reason decided to complicate my life.
2) because of 1, I often sell on ebay at prices from a year ago.
3) because of 1, orders fail to sync. If god forbid I dont see them, they dont get shipped in a timely manner, and I (justifiably) get poor feedback around this.
4) When such orders are escalated to the support team, sometimes the tickets are dropped on their face. I am currently checking in with a 3 week old order for the 3rd time with their support team, which is kinda infuriating. Maybe solve the underlying issue with your product?

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Data modifica: 4 gennaio 2023

Worst expierence with a software ever in my life! The support is really bad, no solutions only excuses and wrong informations!

Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
CedCommerce ha risposto 7 ottobre 2020

We really apologize for the inconvenience that you faced while using our app. Also, we accept that you experienced some issues during the initial app setup, but we had rectified all those concerns and provided the best possible solution.

We had set up separate cron & webhooks for your account & did every custom work possible free of cost. You were in talks with a different app for the past 1 month which caused conflicts but we weren't aware of it. Everything worked fine for the past 1.5 years.

We’re committed to providing excellent customer service and are looking forward to hearing from you!
You may reach us anytime at

Best Regards,
Team Cedcommerce.!

18 luglio 2023

The truth is that the application is a damn pain, it is slow and complicated to configure and assistance in the online chat are also very slow and I have hours waiting to solve things, I have more than 24 hours of work in several days with this and I still have not managed to leave it running, also assistance in Spanish only have it in the online chat and the interface is only in English.
For the moment I can only put one star and it seems too much considering that all the comings and goings of bad synchronized products are costing me money of publication on ebay.
also in the free version which in reality is not a free version, but it is only a few credits that are not updated per month, so as soon as there are 10 sales on ebay and you have to move to a paid plan.

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