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Muokattu 25. syyskuu 2019

I've been using eBayLINK with my shop, www.shop.artbyjenny.com.au, since it started. So while there were bumps in the beginning and lots of learning curves by me, I think the way it syncs, manages and communicates with eBay store (ArtbyJenny) is efficient and timesaving.

I'm always grateful for the support team. They're fantastic :) Nothing is ever too much trouble! They are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, fast, efficient, professional and very clever. I usually receive an answer within a few hours, sometimes faster if its urgent.

Having an app between my eBay store and shop saves me loads of time ... I manage the products in my Shopify shop and the app looks after eBay. Like anything manned by a computer, you do need to check things regularly in the app as well as in eBay to make sure its all working. I only do this every couple of days and when adding new stock.

I think I've been lucky to have had the app for the last 5 years for free and while my first reaction was, "omg where will I find the extra money?" but really, its going to be less than AU$2 a day (even less if I even out over the past few years!) --- so I stopped worrying! lol :)

Thank you Bill, Debbie, Leone and everyone.

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11. huhtikuu 2021

Omnivore is a great way to get your business onto Ebay, Amazon and other marketplaces. While its extremely difficult to drive traffic to my own website halalpantry.com.au (even though its cheaper), Omnivore assists greatly as they allow you to sell on established platforms. These platforms already have traffic and also market your products for you on Google Etc. Without a doubt, if not for Omnivore I would have no business today. They are also most helpful with troubleshooting and customer service. Omnivore is a no brainer for any new eccommerce store!

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15. marraskuu 2017

Works and syncs well with Shopify and the support staff have been very accommodating with all my questions and helping me with any questions that I have had.

Comics N Pop
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29. heinäkuu 2019

We have tried a number of eBay apps in the Shopify store (both free and paid) and this one is by far the best. It allows you to add your logo to eBay, plus allows more professional formatting. There are no "hidden" fees, you just need to be aware that eBay may charge fees for listings, we have over 300 products so we set up a store on eBay and linked it to eBay LINK - no dramas! You do need to spend a bit of time getting the hang of the app and occasionally it is a bit glitchy. Once set up it's easy and syncs well with our store www.ambertree.net.au

Amber Tree
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25. marraskuu 2018

Helped me massively, I don't know what people are complaining when it's a free app. Pay $60 per month and then you expect no hassles.

Oz Smart Things PTY LTD
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Muokattu 30. tammikuu 2019

It helped me tremendously! You just have to follow the directions verbatim and import one collection at a time. https://icusexy.com/

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Muokattu 15. maaliskuu 2019

Iv'e been using this app for about a week now for my store www.stonedhilda.com.au So far, its great! You have to be patient and learn how to use this app properly by checking the FAQ's and contacting support if needed. Support was great and so fast! This is a real time saver app. Once you have mastered the basic techniques of using the app, you will love it! Remember ...... this is a FREE app so taking a bit of time to get used to it, is worth it :)))

Stoned Hilda
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2. huhtikuu 2018

love this app thanks to the guys at ebay link my ebay store has 100s of items on there within mins thanks team : )

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24. maaliskuu 2018

really great app ! saved me hours of uploading an editing

Oz Gel Toys
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21. maaliskuu 2018

Love this app thanks so much for this app and its free also the great help from MGS : )

Six Figure Streetwear
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