Eboost Pixel Plus

Eboost Pixel Plus

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Add Unlimited Facebook Pixels, Customize Facebook Pixel Delay

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Unlimited Pixels

Add unlimited Facebook pixel IDs to your store. Easily edit, remove or add pixels at any time.

Pixel Delay

Set a unique delay for each pixel from 0 to any number of seconds. Set different delays (or no delay) for different pixels.

No FB Login Required

No need to authenticate with Facebook. Just grab the pixel ID, enter it and you’re done.

Su Eboost Pixel Plus

About Eboost Pixel Plus:

It’s simple. It’s easy. It just works.

Add unlimited pixel IDs and set a unique delay for each pixel from 0 to any number of seconds. Easily edit, remove or add pixels and change the delays at any time. No Facebook login or authentication is required.

We built this app for ourselves, because we needed to do two simple things:

  1. Add multiple Facebook pixels to the same store.
  2. Delay some of the pixels from firing until a few seconds after the first page load.

Why would you want to do this? Let’s take them one by one.

Add Multiple Pixels: There are many reasons you might need to add multiple Facebook pixels to the same website. If you’re an agency (like us) you may need to add a shared pixel for shared custom audiences to benefit all your clients. The bottom line is, no matter your reason, you can do it with this app.

Pixel Loading Delay: The main reason we like to delay the pixel from loading is to keep our retargeting audiences clean. Cold Facebook traffic can have high bounce rates. By delaying the pixel load by 3, 5 or even 10 seconds or more, you’re weeding out the people who are leaving your site right away and you don’t waste ad spend retargeting them.

We recommend adding your main pixel with Shopify’s native pixel integration to collect full, clean data and then add additional pixel(s) to Eboost Pixel Plus for your custom retargeting audiences.

We tried all the apps out there but none did exactly what we needed and some just had too many bells and whistles we didn’t want.

So we built Eboost Pixel Plus.

We hope it helps you get better results on Facebook and makes your job easier.

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Killer app. I've tried a ton of apps that supposedly allow you to add multiple pixels to your Shopify site and none of them worked. One even messed up the main Shopify pixel setup. This one does exactly what it says it does. No need to connect with Business Manager either which simplifies things. You can just paste the pixel IDs. I haven't tried the delay yet, but plan to test that out soon as well. Seems like a cool feature to filter out low-quality traffic from retargeting audiences.