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19 juni 2024

If they did not lie to you during the onboarding process, it would not be bad. EXTREMELY over priced for what they WILL NEVER DO.. they DO NOT do complete inventory management. SYNCING inventory counts is not MANAGEMENT.. What company creates a product claiming that but FORGETS products COST MONEY and you have to pay people to those products.. YOu know Vendors?

These people lied to me and told me they handle vendor bills into quickbooks and then after i started paying stated they dont do it.

The Oasis of Health
6 månader användning av appen
5 maj 2017

What this app promises is exciting. Automated syncing between Quickbooks and our online sales. "When" it works, it's awesome. The issue is that it seems to break weekly. This week's break was that it stopped pulling in bank transaction fees associated with credit card sales on Shopify. It just started sending transactions to Quickbooks that don't have the fees separated or deducted. Two weeks ago it worked fine, this week, it's broken. 3 days of exchanging emails with foreign tech support and they tell us to disconnect and reconnect our processor. Doing that gives a warning that it will erase all transaction history. There's no way I'm willing to do that based on an email from someone in Asia that just says to try it.

So, support is poor, system breaks weekly, but when it works it's awesome. Oh, and it's quite expensive!

Colby Valve
3 månader användning av appen