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2023년 3월 27일

Prerit was wonderful! We quickly dissected all of my issues with integration and resolved them. I have a much clearer understanding of Webgility after the onboarding call. Thank you!

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2023년 3월 21일에 편집됨

I started this journey after a very bad experience with a competitor application. I have to say this has been night and day. The team Deep and Prerit have held my hand through this process. We were successful in getting my Shopify Stores connected to Webgility and Webgility connected to my QuickBooks. Any and all questions that I had they found an answer for! It is great the amount of personalization they are able to achieve. I look forward to using this application to streamline my order process, improve accuracy and provide more time for the more important things - Connecting with Customers.

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2023년 3월 8일

We would recommend Webgility. It has allowed us to connect our Shopify and Amazon store fronts with QuickBooks. It will save us significant time by automating processes which we used to do manually. It should improve the accuracy of our books as well.

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2023년 2월 16일

Overall great experience! I just set up Webgility about a week ago and it has already saved me countless hours logging sales!

Great support as well!

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2023년 2월 15일

Webgility really helped me a lot on the integration between Shopify and qbo. I recommend it to everyone.

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2023년 2월 15일

Looking forward to learning the app. Newest version has a simpler layout and Integration was done pretty quickly by staff.

Lunation Stores
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2023년 2월 14일

Prerit was totally great in helping us with integrating shopify, quickbooks, and webgility. Very smart and informative.

The Kozy Coconut
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2023년 1월 26일

very knowledgeable customer service!
they know everything here and i would not hesitate buying this software agian

The Chrome Shop
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2023년 1월 10일

Prerit Agrawal was very helpful and kind person to understand every point of requirements and we learn many automations process through webgility.

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2022년 12월 27일

Huimanshu was great! He worked to get our SQL database installed with Windows 11 when no one else could!!

MDaemon Technologies, Ltd.
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