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25 octobre 2022

I really want to leave more stars as I like the app in general, but I have a few issues and someone needs to get back to me otherwise I will need to delete it.

Janika Collective
Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application
10 octobre 2023

Although I like the product and the installation process was quick and smooth, we've been with EcoCart for over 6 months and each time we have been overbilled. I've emailed each time regarding this issue and promised it is fixed, including a guarantee from VP of Sales Trevor Fox, and yet it keeps happening. Unfortunately it has happened again this past month, and despite emailing my CSM and Trevor twice now, I have yet to hear a response—completely unprofessional. If it wasn't for such poor customer service, at even the VP level, I would give 5 stars.

6 mois d’utilisation de l’application
EcoCart a répondu 10 avril 2024

We are genuinely sorry to hear about your experience with EcoCart, and we deeply appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback, despite the challenges you've faced. It's clear that you value our product and had a positive start with the quick and smooth installation process, which makes it even more disheartening to hear that the billing issues have negatively impacted your experience.

We understand how frustrating it must be to encounter repeated billing issues despite assurances from our team, including a personal guarantee from Trevor Fox, our former VP of Sales. Your expectation for these issues to be resolved, especially after raising them directly with us, is completely reasonable.

Regarding the latest incident you've mentioned, it occurred due to us making necessary adjustments to the offsetting calculations specific to your store. Unfortunately, these adjustments coincided with the passing of the 1st of the month—our standard billing timeframe—leading to an erroneous charge. Please know that we recognized this mistake promptly and have since resolved the issue, adjusting the billing accordingly.

17 avril 2023

Several of our apps and even our 3PL are having a hard time working with Eco Cart with the way it's setup, creating a new variation/sku each time an order is placed. EcoCart tried to help, but they cannot change the fundamental way they are setup. We are going to have to remove the app.

The Eczema Company
3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
EcoCart a répondu 10 avril 2024

Thank you for providing this feedback and highlighting that EcoCart did everything we could to support your 3PL integration. Please note that over the last two years our Customer Success team has worked deeply with 3PL providers to create easy integration guides during our onboarding process. We have created onboarding plans with nearly all 3PL’s on the market today.