Ecodrive: Carbon Offset Orders

Ecodrive: Carbon Offset Orders

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Plant trees, offset emissions and unlock sustainable shoppers!

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Plant Trees & Offset Emissions

Give your customers the option to plant a tree in cart and help offset order emissions. Each tree makes a direct impact on our planet.

Make an Impact with Customers

We plant mangroves, which are one of the highest carbon absorbing trees in the world, making them most effective for our climate!

Increase Experience/Conversion

Leverage the impact you're making on through marketing to drive sales and conversions. Message your efforts and unlock sustainable shoppers!

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Why You'll Love Ecodrive

One-click tree planting for customers that is free to have as a merchant!

  • Increase customer experience
  • Capture a larger audience
  • Increase on-site conversion
  • Incentivize purchases
  • Unlock sustainable shoppers. There is a growing number of consumers focused on buying from brands that give back and make an impact in the world we live in. Ecodrive is a simple way to plug into your current operation, market to new customers, and help the environment!

How it Works

The Ecodrive App seamlessly integrates into the Shopify cart so that your customers can help offset the carbon emissions from their order together with you. Ecodrive is a toggle feature that is automatically displayed in your store's shopping cart. What this means is that when someone adds a product to cart, they will see this toggle feature at the bottom of their cart near the checkout button and have the option to toggle on in order to plant a tree. Please note: if the toggle feature doesn't automatically display after downloading, contact us at and we will give you a snippet of code to make it work perfectly!

Each tree planted helps to reduce nearly 680 pounds of harmful carbon emissions from the atmosphere, which is well over the CO2 generated from standard e-commerce shipments. This will help your brand and your customers alike, become climate positive... because we believe that neutral is not enough!

The trees that we plant serve many benefits outside of reducing carbon footprints. They also help to alleviate poverty in the areas they are planted because we are hiring local villagers to plant and maintain them! With Ecodrive, you are creating a positive impact for our planet, and those that live on it!

In your dashboard you can track the conversion rate of Ecodrive to see how many customers opt in, which helps validate that your community does care about helping the environment and is willing to plant a tree with you.

The Trees

  • All trees are mangroves in Madagascar, which is one of the highest carbon-absorbing trees.
  • The trees help to alleviate poverty in the regions of Madagascar in which they are planted. We have designated plots of land in Madagascar where your customer’s tree will be planted within 30-45 days of purchase.
  • The trees aid in environmental restoration by reforesting habitats for indigenous wildlife.
  • Trees are planted on a monthly basis.
  • The land all trees are planted on is protected.


At the end of each month, you will be charged through Shopify for the number of orders that had an Ecodrive product in the cart. A record of monthly totals will be recorded in your Ecodrive Dashboard. This cost is covered by customers that opt-in in the cart through checkout.

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$0.65 usage fee paid for by customers that opt-in to Ecodrive tree planting during checkout process

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Upful Blends

I absolutely love working with Ecodrive. From the hands-on and detailed support, quick turnaround time in getting set up, the intention within the movement, the ethicality, the transparency, it's all been such an incredible experience partnering with Ecodrive and working alongside Trevor to truly create an impact in the world. This is what it's about!! Joining arms with Ecodrive is a no-brainer.


With an earth-first mission, Ecodrive made sense for shār snacks. Super quick and easy onboarding.


Working with ecodrive has given us at SOUPPLY a great opportunity to take a step towards sustainability. The app integration was extremely easy to implement and we have received generous feedback from our customers. We highly recommend this app to any business who wants to make a positive impact on the environment. Ecodrive has an amazing support team and nothing beats the feeling of saving the planet!