Ecodrive: Carbon Offset Orders

Ecodrive: Carbon Offset Orders

作成: Ecodrive LLC

Offset order emissions through tree planting with customers!

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Plant Trees with Customers

Give your customers the option to plant a tree with every order. Each tree helps reduce carbon emissions & alleviate poverty.

Help Offset Carbon Emissions

The lifetime of each tree planted helps to offset the emissions created by shipping efforts.

Marketing to Drive Conversion

Leverage the positive impact your having across digital channels to help incentivize and increase conversion. Market your efforts.

Ecodrive: Carbon Offset Ordersの詳細情報

Why You'll Love Ecodrive

One-click tree planting for customers that is free to have as a merchant!

  • Capture a larger audience
  • Drive on-site conversion
  • Incentivize purchases
  • There is a growing number of consumers focused on buying from brands that give back and make an impact in the world we live in. Ecodrive is a simple and seamless way to plug into your current operation, market to new customers, and help the environment!

How it Works

The Ecodrive App seamlessly integrates into the Shopify cart so that your customers can help offset the carbon emissions from shipping the product. The function is automatically toggled on for a store once the app is activated. What this means is that when someone adds a product to cart, a product labeled Ecodrive will also be added with a price of $0.65, which represents the tree being planted.

Only one Ecodrive product is added no matter how many products are added to cart, so if someone adds 3 different items, there will still be only one Ecodrive (tree) in the cart. It is not added again per product. There is one tree planted per ORDER, not per product. Customers are given the option to easily toggle off the tree planting by clicking the toggle, which will automatically remove the Ecodrive product from their cart. Customers are also given the option to add additional trees per order if they’d like to plant more than one tree.

We automatically include the tree in cart to help increase conversion, cart size, and to maximize environmental impact/tree count. In your Ecodrive App Dashboard you can track the conversion rate of Ecodrive to see how many of your customers opt in to help validate that your community does care about helping the environment and is willing to plant a tree with you.

The Trees

  • All trees are mangroves in Madagascar, which is one of the highest carbon-absorbing trees.
  • The trees help to alleviate poverty in the regions of Madagascar in which they are planted. We have designated plots of land in Madagascar where your customer’s tree will be planted within 30-45 days of purchase.
  • The trees aid in environmental restoration by reforesting habitats for indigenous wildlife.
  • Trees are planted on a monthly basis.
  • The land all trees are planted on is protected.


At the end of each month, you will be charged through Shopify for the number of orders that had an Ecodrive product in the cart. A record of monthly totals will be recorded in your Ecodrive Dashboard. This cost is covered by customers that opt-in in the cart through checkout.

Disclaimer: $0.35 from every transaction goes towards Ecodrive's operating costs.





$0.65 usage fee paid for by customers that opt-in to Ecodrive tree planting during checkout process

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BluViz Eyewear

Ecodrive has been a key factor in the sustainability of BluViz Eyewear. We appreciate this app's flexibility in allowing customers to tailor their carbon offsetting expenditure to their order. If your business is looking to make a positive impact by cutting down your carbon footprint, this is the app for you.

Everscreen Kids

If you're looking to boost conversions and have a positive impact on the environment then this is the perfect app for you. Since downloading the app, we receive multiple messages per week from customers thanking us for offering them the ability to offset their carbon emissions on their orders. Overall very satisfied with the set up, experience and customer feedback. Super hands on team who offers great support with anything we needed as well. Highly recommend!


This app has been instrumental in empowering our customers to support our goal of being a carbon neutral company for our shipments. It makes it easy, convenient, and streamlined for our customers to make a positive impact on the environment and for our brand to utilize as a great tool.