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11. heinäkuu 2023

Using EComposer to build my website and here are my experiences:

- Many many stunning templates compared to other apps I’ve tried. They even add up every week
- Editor is powerful if you get to know how to use it, I must say they have everything I can think of here, tons of options & elements.
- Support is out of expectation, always online & instantly help us. They’ve gone extra miles with their service. Love Andy, Anna & Jade everyone who assisted me, kudos you guys!
- The best thing is they give you a bunch of add ons that nowhere else does, I love the small yet effective extensions like Inactive browser tab, Content protection, etc. It saves me time & cost to install other apps. I found EComposer price is real good for the feature packs they offer. 

- I got some minor issues until now (button on editor didn’t work once or twice, the app dashboard is blank and live chat lost once) but they resolved immediately after being noticed & it is more stable now.
- Device responsive: They provide custom options for each device but I still hope there is a better level of auto responsive so that I can save time to custom the pages on mobile (FYI, they have a very active feature request channel so I put my suggestions there and they seriously considered adding it. Thanks for adding the sticky image and focal point)

In general, I love EComposer & their people. We’ve got a beautiful website now & start to make money. Definitely recommend!

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12. syyskuu 2023

This is exactly what my website has been missing! Shopify is great and an integral part of the process, BUT it is not easy or intuitive to make your website look a certain way. I felt very stuck with what I was working with - and that my pages looked kind of stale. EComposer allows you to really get that flexibility you crave and have a very clean and professional looking site - while also being incredibly easy to use.

It also integrates extremely well with Shopify as well as all of the other apps I have on my site so far. I've now cleaned up my product pages to be more readable and professional looking. Excited to use this to polish up the rest of my site!

Elemental SoundWorks
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9. syyskuu 2023

I am brand spanking new at all of this Shopify and had needing some extra design help for a great looking blog layout. EComposer fixed that right up for me - great blog... easy for the most part to figure out ... but I did end up with one issue that I couldn't figure out. My blogs background color didn't match my website.. after frustating myself I did click on the Help-Chat box. EComposer was honest about the Wait time of 28 minutes. I appreaciated that part. I wish that part was faster, but I will say that once Olivia was able to meet me on line - She Was AWESOME! Gathered the info, looked at my site, Fixed the problem for me and then showed me where to find how to do it myself. I'm so thrilled. Next time I won't wait so long to try the Chat-Help. Great Service!

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5. tammikuu 2023

I recently downloaded an app called "EComposer" and I have to say, it has completely changed the way I grocery shop. Before, I would always forget at least one item on my list or have to run back into the store because I forgot something important. But with this app, I can easily add items to my list as I think of them and even categorize them by aisle for a more efficient shopping trip.

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it a breeze to use. It even has a feature where I can save my list and access it on multiple devices, so my partner and I can both add items and have everything we need in one place.

Overall, I highly recommend "Grocery List Maker" to anyone who wants to make their grocery shopping experience a little smoother and stress-free. It's a game-changer!

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20. syyskuu 2023

had tried many landing page apps and tools, always with support and user unfriendly issue. start trying on Ecomposer, and some functions having some bugs or user problem, ya my problem, try hit on the support, Found Jade the support team, she is friendly and very responsive and make extra mile to help me solve the problem.
amazing! looking forward to see what can they continue to support our store. will install this on all my online shop in shopify!
Great one!

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20. syyskuu 2023

Andy was super helpful and patient while I was experiencing trouble with creating a new template for our products. I spent a lot of time trying to fix the issue on my own before i finally reached out to support because I thought it would be a headache trying to get them to help but I was wrong! I was so happy to be able to resolve my issue with ease and fast using the live chat function. This was the best customer service experience I could have asked for. Good job, Andy!

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10. huhtikuu 2023

I'm not a pro at the website building stuff, but this app offers much more options compared to a standard Shopify templates, given you can publish three free pages, which are home page and product page in my case, so I basically cover 100% of my needs for free so far. Yet I believe soon I could find additional benefit from a paid subscription once I will get into this website building tech stuff. Also support guys are very responsive, namely Mia helped me a few times answering my noob questions.
Definitely recommended!

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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19. helmikuu 2023

EComposer is a mature feature rich product for quickly customizing your webstore without having to code it manually. It allows you to focus on design and UX rather than hammering out code! Even better, after having used it for a few weeks, it is one of those apps that just keeps getting better as you find more features that really allow you to create an awesome buying experience for your customer. And even better, the support I am getting from Andy is top notch!! With fast response and a deep knowledge of his product, what more can you ask for!! I would give him 6 stars if I could!!

Off Grid and Marine Energy
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6. helmikuu 2023

Pretty powerful tool for building pages on Shopify. Plenty of layouts and functions to choose from, although if you're not into coding, I would recommend purchasing a theme for your store as well to make sure all possible flows are covered. Very good and responsive support too!

One of the drawbacks of eComposer I've found is that if you create a contact form, you can't put any automations on the "Submit" button. The workaround offered by eComposer was to create the forms through Klaviyo, which works well, but I'd prefer to set everything in one place + it kind of doesn't make sense to create the forms through eComposer in this case. I see that their product is always evolving though, so maybe this feature will be available in the future sometime :)

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17. toukokuu 2023

1 year I used this app & really easy to edit, drag & drop, also customize in each page. Not like another app that many bug, bad customer service & always waiting. In this app every time I stuck, their customer service always ready to help, fast & able to fix coding based on my request. Especially for Susan that always help me super fast. Great job!

Bali Soap Indonesia
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