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19. april 2024

Tried all the page builders, and then I found this one. It is feature rich and just works, unlike some of the others. And anytime I have had an issue or wanted to do something and was not sure how, support helps me right away. Like within a few seconds they are on chat with you.

Great app. Thanks!

Put In Action
5 måneder bruker appen
19. april 2024

I initially had a developer design my website. We have since found some changes we needed to make. I was a little intimidated with changing anything because I know very little about web design. Needless to say, I have learned a lot and our site is really looking great. A huge thank you to the support assistants. They were able to answer most of my problems, questions and issues. Anything they couldn't help with directly was sent to a development team that solved the issue quickly. I can't say how happy I am to be using this app!! A special thank you to Danny, Anna, Caroline. I'm sure I 'm forgetting a few. They have all been terrific!!

Let's Make It!
4 måneder bruker appen
8. juni 2024

10/10 !!!

The app is fantastic, but what really makes it stand out is the support team. Everyone in support is super friendly, always willing to help, and incredibly patient. Any questions or issues I've had have been resolved quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend this app, especially because of the amazing support team who genuinely care about their users. Thank you for the excellent service!

Inroplas Chile
3 måneder bruker appen
27. mai 2024

I've used a couple landing page builder apps and this is by far and away the best I've used on Shopify specifically.

I'd like to see some more analytic data that can be used -- specifically some A/B testing and conversion tracking data. It would be awesome to see some features pertaining to experimenting with different price points, layouts, designs, etc. But the usability is fantastic and the customer service is phenomenal. They typically respond within minutes of your request.

3 måneder bruker appen
7. juni 2024

its a good app, with lots of options, for a novice it gets a bit complicated, but honestly, their support team is VERY GOOD, and VERY FAST. Like essentially instant, while you are designing they are answering on live chat with answers within 1-2 minutes max. Never had them misinterpret or not understand my requests. Highly recommend!

Brain Forza Labs Inc.
4 måneder bruker appen
15. april 2024

So far so good.

I've used the app for a couple of simple landing pages and it was pretty quick to set up and go live.

I am not going deeper and using it for my whole website rebuild , sections, templates, everything, so i'll give an update in a few weeks depending on how good it all ends up being.

One thing off the bat, the support is good. Live chat couldn't figure out what was going on, then Andy jumped in to help me with an issue I was having and resolved it in a few mins.

Balms etc.
5 måneder bruker appen
2. mai 2024

This is an excellent page builder. Note that they do not have complete website templates and you'll have to build each page individually, but the builder is so easy to use and extremely intuitive. The biggest pro is the support team. They are absolutely incredible, available around the clock, quick responses and solve any problem like its magic. Jade from the support team has been an incredible resource, sometimes even going in to the builder to do or fix things for me, which has been a great help. 10/10.

Applied Concepts
4 måneder bruker appen
25. april 2024

EComposer allows you to create really gorgeous landing pages easily. It's user friendly and also gives quick help whenever you have a question. Mia gave me a great customer service when needed. Glad to use this app.

8 måneder bruker appen
8. juni 2024

Incredible app that provides advanced web site building functionality, with an incredible technical support team that is always readily on standby to build in any custom development requests. I've been very impressed with their services offered to-date.

Vooma Socks UK
12 måneder bruker appen
4. juni 2024

I recommend EComposer for small and growing businesses. We recently started using it, and find it easy to use with lots of templates that can turn our ideas into beautiful designs which look great on our website.

They also have a great customer support team, which will help you with any problem you can't solve on your own. Special thanks to Jade who was really helpful in assisting us with inverting columns for tablet and mobile views. :)


Smartoon Kids
20 dager bruker appen