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Bewerkt 5 april 2024

EComposer has some great templates and their pricing plans fit us perfectly - much better than most other page builders. Sadly we cannot continue using this due to us experiencing issues as the application appears to be causing our computers to run slowly when using the Editor. Strangely, other users don't seem to have this issue. The customer support has been very good, they are very responsive.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
8 dagen gebruiken de app
EComposer heeft geantwoord 5 april 2024

Hi there,

This is Anna from EComposer support. I am truly sorry for your experience with our app. Regarding it, we have doubled check it carefully from our end and the app works normally.

That's why we really need your help to allow us to check it further on your computer. The technical team has diagnosed that you might have installed too many extensions on your browsers, which makes it heavy to load.

I am sending follow up email to you so that we can have another chance to figure this out together.

Hope to hear back from you soon!

Best regards,

30 maart 2024

i love this app but sometimes the pictures disappear on my site and i have to go into the app to reselect the photo and publish it again for the photos to appear on my site and its really annoying i wish i could get the photos to stay

Verenigde Staten
2 maanden gebruiken de app
7 april 2024

I couldn't use the Video Background feature that they have available. I had to switch back to another Store

Laura Store
21 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 13 december 2023

It has some bugs. The support team tries to fix them and mostly could always do it, although it takes some days. Overall OK.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
15 dagen gebruiken de app
EComposer heeft geantwoord 5 december 2023

Hi there,

This is Anna, Customer Success Manager at EComposer.
First of all, I am truly sorry for your experiences with our app. We immediately double-checked all the issues you mentioned in your chat and there are some updates I would love to tell you:

- About the undo error, we tried but could not reproduce the issue from our end. So I really appreciate it if you can send us more details such as filming how you got it.
- As for the dynamic content display, our development team handled it now and you can check it again.
- Regarding the guide CS sent you was not helpful, we also had a meeting with our team yesterday and made sure they put more effort into guiding you step by step or sending video guide will be better.

We sent follow-up emails to update you in detail, kindly check it and let us continue to assist you using EComposer.

Best regards,

24 oktober 2023

Sometimes customer support is offline and unavailable, but when they are available they are friendly and helpful. However, the app itself if often fickle and finicky. While support agents are helpful and professional too often there is a breakdown in communication or a misunderstanding of what is actually needed. Often the assistance provided results in undesired changes in my landing page design that require multiple attempts to correct what was incorrectly executed. This has caused lost time, many redos, and frustration on my end as the user of this app. I'd like to recommend it, but unsure that I would.

Suzette D. Harrison Books
Verenigde Staten
13 dagen gebruiken de app
EComposer heeft geantwoord 1 november 2023

Hi there,

This is Rainy, Customer Success Manager at EComposer. First of all, thank you so much for your review. And I am truly sorry for your past experience.

There are several things I would to clarify:
1. Customer support is not available sometimes. Actually we're aware of this delay response due to the thin resources of customer support at the time you connected us. And we are putting more people in that shift to ensure no more wait.
2. Misunderstanding your question: I did review this mistake (one CS agent sent you the wrong document while actually you asked for another thing) with the whole team and we will make sure to read it carefully before giving assistance.
3. Other issues like copy color code, adding date of birth field on contact form, etc. we've contacted you to guide the solution.

Kindly give us another chance to improve these. I hope you will have a better experience now.

If you need further assistance, freely free to contact us anytime.


Bewerkt 16 april 2024

It has it's limitations in features and designs and some of the english text on buttons or 'out of stock' notifications isn't grammatically correct. You have to go through a lot of the automatic labels such as the 'sold out' labels as the English is wrong.

Pretty buggy overall. Templates will not apply to pages or apply to the wrong ones. It seems we're always having to fix ecomposer issues.

But, customer service is usually available and helpful. So, if something isn't working, they're there to help. But there is often something wrong.

Huckleberry Bicycles
Verenigde Staten
4 maanden gebruiken de app
1 december 2022

In theory it should be a great app, because it lets you customise your store completely and has lots of great templates BUT it is so fiddly and time consuming not to mention the amount of times I have had to completely restart because it started doing its own thing. Also the scroll down bars are tiny and annoying. Yeh not for me if they fixed those things so it was easier then I'd go back to it but for right now it's a no

Broken Dolls Club
Verenigd Koninkrijk
11 dagen gebruiken de app
EComposer heeft geantwoord 1 december 2022

Hello there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We are sorry to hear that our app was not able to meet your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we’d like to speak to you more about this issue with you.

1. Because the app is very flexible so it contains a lot of options to be responsive in all circumstances. I would love to hear more about which step you stuck in. Our support agent is available 24/7 for help.

2. Also "the scroll-down bars are tiny and annoying" => I am not sure what device you used while opening the editor but an important note is the editor
works best on laptop/desktop. It's not possible to drag/drop elements using ipad/phone.

I appreciate to hear more feedback from you. From that we will be able to improve our product by quickly and efficiently resolving the issues that you faced.

Again thank you for bringing this to our attention and waiting to hear from you!

Gratefully yours,
ECompser team