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16 januari 2024

1st top notch support, fast turn around when you need it, but guess what, most of the time you do not even need to reach out to support because it just works :)

I have been using Cleverific Order Editor for the past 5 years and its addressing Shopify Native Edit missing features like editing shipping fees, taxes, and much more. We are able to provide faster turn-around to our customers when changes needed to be done to their orders.

Highly recomemnded :)
Meer dan 4 jaar gebruiken de app
17 januari 2024

Great app, and great support
11 maanden gebruiken de app
16 januari 2024

Even though they were unable to resolve my issue due to a compatibility issue beyond Order Edit's control I found Laura very helpful and easy to work with. Keep up the good work!

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10 maanden gebruiken de app
11 januari 2024

This has allowed us resolve a number of order tracking and outgoing inventory issues. The only frustration is that Shopify doesn't allow for the original order to have shipping changed without recreating the order. Customer Service did a great job of explaining the workaround but I hope shopify allows for better integration for B2B sites.

Wholesale - East Coast Lifestyle
Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
24 oktober 2023

Cleverific team is so good at handling customers. They've been very helpful to us on every question that we have. It is nice to have this app for editing orders. Kudos to Laura and her team for doing a great job and having a wonderful app!

Stone Candles
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Ongeveer 4 jaar gebruiken de app
3 oktober 2023

Functions are exactly what we need, but what's impressive is their customer service - they actually follow up with your enquiries! I mean, real follow ups, like they follow through till you respond further and the issue dealt with.

Smart Supplement 健身資訊及補充品專門店
Hongkong SAR van China
4 maanden gebruiken de app
22 februari 2024

Very highly recommended. Customer service is top notch. Any questions that you may have, they respond right away.

Bulk Lift Products
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10 februari 2015

Awesome App. Does everything I need it to do and is always improving.

Pit Bull Gear
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Meer dan 9 jaar gebruiken de app
31 oktober 2018

Edit Order is a great app for our business. We would be in real trouble without having all of its features Thank You

The Stubborn Farmer Store
Bijna 9 jaar gebruiken de app
10 februari 2015

Awesome app, it does exactly what it promises, quick and easy way to modify your orders! thank you

Vapeando Ando
Bijna 8 jaar gebruiken de app