Edit Order by Cleverific

Edit Order by Cleverific

da Cleverific, Inc

Advanced order editing, management, and order automation

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Flexible order management

Level up order management with features like product shortcuts. Work with your preferred partners and create better customer relationships.

Fast order editing

A full suite of advanced editing tools not found in Shopify's basic editing. Get the ability to customize your orders to your business.

Smart order automation

Grow with the power of automation for promotions, bundle fulfillment, and editing so you can focus on other parts of your business.

Su Edit Order by Cleverific

Edit Order is more than just order editing. Get things done quicker and minimize the time spent on manual tasks, from simple order changes to heavy-duty automation. While Shopify provides basic editing, much more is possible, like making shipping changes and having bundle fulfillment automation. And if you're not satisfied? Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So what's the difference?

A fast and flexible order management app trusted by 9,000+ businesses to tidy processes and grow their business.

Save your team from headaches

Your sales reps don't need to spend tons of time editing orders, especially wholesale and POs. You can quickly:

  • Change shipping methods and billing addresses
  • Change/add line item prices and discounts
  • Switch a line item to the correct variant for simple exchanges
  • Change taxes per line item
  • Change your order names

Add customization to your orders

Use custom fields, product options, and line item properties so you can do things like:

  • Give instructions for order fulfillment
  • Reorder line item properties
  • Attribute commissions to sales reps
  • Sell personalized products
  • Edit an order's product option

Improve tasks with automation

Reclaim your time with automation that will:

  • Automate repetitive editing tasks
  • Add gifts & samples to orders to build customer loyalty
  • Add items to orders based on customer segmentation
  • Automatically expand bundle & subscription items for easy fulfillment
  • Integrate with Shopify Flow for additional automation

Offer customers flexibility

Combine and split orders so you can:

  • Collect funds on preorders and backorders
  • Ship different orders from the same customer together
  • Expedite shipping on specific products

One-click order processing

Use Product Sets to save time and reduce errors on subscriptions, bundles and promo items:

  • Add one or more products to draft orders or new orders
  • Configure commonly added sets of products for bundles, upsells or shortcuts
  • Easy to use, no long team-training needed

Rely on us

Don't put your business at risk; we're dedicated to merchant support:

  • Prompt support responses handled by developers
  • We frequently publish useful ecommerce guides
  • Up-to-date documentation
  • Minimal app setup and easy onboarding
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Completely off the shelf

Edit Order by Cleverific is ready to work for you in minutes

  • No code placements or custom development needed
  • Save money on custom development solutions and spend it where it matters more, like inventory, marketing, and equipment

About us

We're Cleverific, Inc. A small team of developers and strategists located in California (and Ottawa, Ontario!). Our expertise and suite of ecommerce apps present growth opportunities for merchants.

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Standard Plan


  • Add discounts

  • Change price, customer & billing address

  • Edit/add custom product options

  • Modify tax, weight & more

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Premium Plus


o $135/mese fatturato a $1,620 una volta all'anno

  • Automation with Shopify Flow (Early Access)

  • Search SKUs, barcodes, hidden items

  • Preset line items

  • Priority support

  • All Standard features

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4.5 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

AG Studio Dresses

Great app! Very professional customer support. I Will recommend it to everybody who needs to adjust orders daily

Surf Isurus

We have used EditOrder for over a year now. We ship to wholesale account and direct to consumer. Wholesale accounts are constantly changing their orders. Even the DTC has changes. I can't imagine using Shopify if we didn't have EditOrder to make changes. I would have to go back to WooCommerc which is where we came from. Their support team is very responsive. I have had to contact them 3 separate times and they have always responded back quickly with answers that made send. In other words they correctly interpreted my problem. I have not found this to be the case with all other app support requests. I would rate them a must have for being able to edit orders in Shopify.

Designs by MyUtopia Shout Out

I've used this app for years then about 9 months ago I noticed that the shipping fee on the original order was no longer being cleared. I have contacted support several times, and they simply blamed shopify, refusing to fix the issue with their app. I can no longer use this app as my accounting numbers get all screwed up. I now simply create a duplicate order with a 100% discount for the corrections. This is a much simpler and free solution to my problem.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

7 dicembre 2020

We’re sorry we weren’t able to help in the way you needed. Previously, when Edit Order cancelled an order, Shopify would show that as the order being zeroed out. When Shopify redesigned their order list, they now only zero out restocked items excluding shipping, even though the entire order has been cancelled. We’ve provided feedback to Shopify regarding this, but have no control over their design decisions. We're happy to hear that you were able to figure out something that works for you.