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Bewerkt 26 augustus 2023

Editorify seems to have many shortcomings in its service. The slow response time, numerous bugs, and lack of technical guidance and assistance for customers are serious issues. Despite having the advantage of working with major Ecommerce companies in Southeast Asia, expanding to other platforms for learning and broadening Ecommerce presence could be beneficial. However, if technical problems and poor service persist, it can be quite disappointing for customers. The comparison with services like, which offer assistance and guidance without any cost, is an important point of evaluation. Giving a 1-star rating is already quite generous considering the experience i've had. Hopefully, Editorify can address these issues to improve customer experience in the future, especially for its CEO's attention.

25 dagen gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 28 augustus 2023

We have responded to all of your emails in the past few days, with a maximum response time of a few hours between each email. You can watch a video of the email conversation and response time here:

Please note that our response time is a maximum of 24 hours during the weekdays and may be slightly longer on weekends. We are here to support you and resolve any issues you may have.

Bewerkt 20 februari 2023

Multiple issues. Broken trash app like most others on Shopify. Customer service is headed by an illiterate moron.

Totally Modern
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9 dagen gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 19 februari 2023

Sorry for the bad experience. we tried to assist you, but faced some issue accessing your website due to an incorrect password provided by you. we reached out via email to request the correct password, but unfortunately, we didn't hear back from you.
Screenshot ->

Please contact us, will be happy to help you with this.

1 februari 2023

Cant cancel the subscription, support is awful bad app overall dont waste your time.

10 dagen gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 1 februari 2023

Sorry for the bad experience.

1. We emailed you multiple times; please check.
2. As mentioned in our help center, to cancel the subscription, you need to delete the app from your Shopify store.

Bewerkt 22 augustus 2020

stupid update, it work before, after update, total mass, can not change picture size. can not import review by cvs, can not copy review from other product. when you duplicate, you lost all review.

Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 22 augustus 2020

Sorry for the bad experience that you had, we checked our emails and couldn't find any email from you, we will be happy to help you with any issue that you may have. please contact us at

23 juli 2020

Claims to import reviews from Overstock but does not. Does not work properly most of the time when importing from other "supported" sites. Says it imported reviews but they do not show up on site. When you contact them for support they tell you it works on their side and they can't do anything to help.

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Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 23 juli 2020

Sorry for your bad experience, our last email to you was on April 3 with a suggested step by step what to do, we never got any response to this email, so we assumed that everything is ok, we will be happy to help you with it, and if it can't be resolved on your side, we will go ahead and refund you.

3 maart 2020

shit synchronization........................................................................................

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14 dagen gebruiken de app
7 september 2020

Wasted my time downloaed for free plan, watched all vids but nothing works on aliexpress when i press the import button

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Ongeveer 4 uur gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 7 september 2020

Sorry for the bad experience, we notice you never contact us about this issue, let us help you with it, we already sent you an email, please check.

You can also contact directly on

Thank you

14 augustus 2020


Inspr Exchange
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Ongeveer een uur gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 14 augustus 2020

Sorry for your bad experience, you installed the app today, emailed us for help
We replied within a few minutes and asked for you to invite us, so we can check the issue, we didn't get any response. we also tried to contact you via the chat option you are offering on your website, with no luck.

We will go ahead and ask Shopify to refund you, sorry that it didn't work out for you.

23 december 2019

the automated did not work, going to loox. sucks sucks uscksu sucscksuckscuksucksucksucksucsslcskucskcus

Fanboy Apparel
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Ongeveer 16 uur gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 23 december 2019

Sorry for the bad experience, we noticed you installed the app recently and never reached out for help, please contact us on and describe the issue in details, so we can help you with it.



7 mei 2020

A very bad application that shows its logo above product reviews. So cheap act. I don't like this app

Jewel Solaire Lunaire
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31 minuten gebruiken de app
importify heeft geantwoord 7 mei 2020

Sorry for the bad experience, the badge Editorify logo appear only for free users, you can upgrade to any of our paid plan and it will be turned off. i believe that most of the reviews app today that does have free plan have similar badge logo. let us know if we can help you with anything else.