Elfsight Background Music

Elfsight Background Music

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Add background music to your site for the client

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Push users to the aim action

By means of the appropriate playlist you’ll be able to inspire visitors to take an action you want them to take

Establish a great environment

Supply your users with a wonderful playlist which will perfectly comply with your site's style

Upgrade the user experience

Give your visitors control over the tracks uploaded for them and they won't give up your homepage in a rush

Over Elfsight Background Music

Elfsight Background Music is a simple tool that lets you playback audio tracks directly on the pages of your site. The widget is hugely customizable: you can change its position, insert it anywhere on the page, alter its size, repaint the background and all other elements to mix it with your site’s style, apply a dark color scheme, display covers and display or hide four additional player elements, for example, progress bar, title and many more. Add as many tracks as you want to entertain your visitors, switch the autoplay option on and have no doubt - your visitors won’t leave your homepage immediately!

Background music app provides you with the opportunity to choose the appropriate playlist you’ll be able to encourage users to perform an action you need on the website. Give your audience more control over the tracks you’ve uploaded for them and they will never leave your web page in a rush.

Diversify your website content

Make them work with your website unforgettable for your audience. Form stunning atmosphere incorporating the background sounds that will complement your content. Declare your brand with great fanfare or simply turn on calm, restrained music which will keep the visitor on-site and gently drive him to perform the target action. Take tracks from almost any source like SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Vista, Amazon, Google Drive and many more, and upload them by URL or directly from your device.

An amusing player for your web page

Using our easy tool, you’ll build a playlist that will be a wonderful enhancement to your site's content. Include any number of tracks, loop and mix them, enable the autoplay option to present your web page the most notable way and place the player anywhere you want. Choose the most fitting layout to use all the possibilities of the player and demonstrate or conceal different parts.

Make your eye-catching or neat

We submit various design options that will help you make your player outstanding and informative. Add author’s name, heading and progress bar or turn them off to design a minimalistic player. You may also recolor its parts to make it correlate with overall website's style. And of course, dark color scheme is available to help you make stunning addition to your site in a few clicks.

Awesome Audio Background on your Shopify site in a minute!


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By far the BEST music player on Shopify! Incredibly fast load times and the music continues at the same spot on page changes. The player is SUPER customizable (easy to do), make it small...make it big, or remove song information to make it soooooo compact that it works on mobile. Beautiful themes also! Simply the BEST!