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Unfortunately the bot accounts have not lessened at all. Still hundreds a day. I was advised that if they have cachied my URLs there is nothing they can do. Which defeats the purpose of installing the app at all. Disappointed.

freddie the rat kids boutique

Unnecessary app that is impossible to remove. App support require access to your account to rectify. Very concerning.

Human Presence Technologyが返信しました 2020年12月14日

Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, I believe your comment is somewhat misleading. We strive to offer great customer support. The app uninstallation process is the same for all apps platform wide. Most customers do not require our intervention but in your case did offer assistance as requested within 1 business day.


It is stopped the spam registrations but....
This will slow down your shop and caused redirecting!
Test your site on gtmetrix.com before the app and test again after you installed the app. My shop was D-D with the app!


I hoped that this app would be able to help from form bots in our search but it only protected the contact and registration forms. After the test period no false forms were found. I assume because we didn't have any bots visit in that time. Because it was unable to do the task we had hoped we decided to uninstall and clicked the uninstall button on Shopify.
Be warned that they do not return the files that have been changed only disconnect the app. Backups had been made by Shop Protector and once I was aware I was able to restore from those backup files however in the meantime we were unaware that customers were unable to make accounts or to contact us via our contact form. I hate to think how many frustrated customers that produced until we were contacted by one and were able to investigate & produce the fix.
This may well be a fab app for the right people but not what we wanted and very poor on the uninstall.


Installed app, still got lots bot accounts, then issues with theme appeared, deleted app but can see lots code left as always with apps that play around with theme, awaiting a reply from them to go in and remove all this code thats ruined my theme!!

Human Presence Technologyが返信しました 2022年1月5日

Thank you for your review. We did explain why you were seeing spam and the recommended solution. After promptly uninstalling (without unprotecting your forms), our team informed you that unprotecting forms before uninstall is recommended and in our help docs. In any case, it seemed you were not willing to reinstall and unprotect them so we did request collaborator access and unprotect them manually.