Essential Inventory Alerts

Essential Inventory Alerts

作成: Queuecraft LLC

Effortless notifications of low inventory

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Low Inventory Alerts via Email

Get notified by email when you've got products running low on inventory.

Beautiful, Easy to Read Emails

It's not 2003. Get colorful, easy-to-read emails, not an old-school spreadsheet.

Easy Setup, Easy Customization

One-click setup gets you going fast. Fine tune with easy-to use configuration options.

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Getting alerted when inventory is low shouldn't be hard, and shouldn't require tons of configuration. Essential Inventory Alerts does just one emails you when inventory is low.

One-Click Setup

We've set the defaults, so all you need to do is click 'Confirm' and you'll start getting inventory alerts. No complicated setup.

Easy to Customize

Need to tweak things a bit? No problem. Easy customization options let you set the time and days you'll get alerts, exclude specific products, and more.

Beautiful, Colorful Emails

Nobody wants to dig through and old-school, spreadsheet-style table in an email. We've designed our email alerts for today. Colorful, easy to read, and just the info you need. Optimized for mobile, because that's where you probably check your email.

No Extra Junk

This app does one emails you when inventory is low. No extra 'feature creep', and no need to access your store's customer or order data.

Full of Features, Easy to Use

  • Get inventory alerts emailed to you.
  • Set the time and days you'll get alerts.
  • Integrated with Shopify, and accessible right from your admin.
  • View your inventory alerts online within Shopify.
  • Dashboard view gives you a quick glance at alerts and settings.
  • Check inventory on demand from the app.
  • Resend email alerts from the app.
  • Set custom low and critical thresholds for alerts.
  • Alerts highlight products that are newly low on inventory.
  • Optionally only send the email when something changes.
  • Automatically ignores products that don't track inventory.

Plus Edition Adds Even More

  • Send alerts to up to 10 email addresses.
  • Exclude specific products, variants, and collections from alerts.
  • Pause all alerts, or just alerts for specific variants, until a specific date.
  • Check up to 1000 products.





  • Emailed alerts
  • Custom low and critical levels
  • Custom alert schedule
  • One email recipient
  • Up to 100 products checked



  • All Essential features
  • Up to 10 email recipients
  • Up to 1000 products checked
  • Pause alerts
  • Exclude products, variants or collections

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Amanda Deer Jewelry

This is exactly what I've been looking for to keep track of critical inventory numbers. It sends you an email daily (but you can configure it to send how ever often you'd like) about low inventory levels and things that have just gone out of stock. Super helpful for our shop and quickly lets me glance and see if anything recently went into a low or out of stock level. So easy. Would recommend for sure!