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15 mei 2024

I installed Upsell App by Essential Wolf to upsell. I've put it on every single item in my website. It looks good, was easy to set up and is already showing results.

Pack for Camp
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4 maanden gebruiken de app
4 juli 2024

Been using it on my store for 2 months, VERY effective! simple and easy to use! lots of features - love it

New Vitality
3 maanden gebruiken de app
7 juni 2024

I've been using the Upsell App by Essential Wolf for a few days, and I must say it's a great app. It's free and offers multiple funnels to choose from, making it easy for beginners to create upsells. I installed on my website, and it not only looks good, but was also easy to set up.

Braus Fight AUS
4 dagen gebruiken de app
22 mei 2024

Review keeps popping up but since I just started using it, I really don't have an opinion yet. I will try to update at later time

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24 dagen gebruiken de app
30 mei 2024

An Amazing App with a very simple and easy to understand software. Seamless and Quick with a great customer service team. Highly recommened to any new startups for some great features

Auntie Munaver's Dessert & Savory
29 dagen gebruiken de app
22 mei 2024

Customer support was helpful and timely in responding to our inquiries. I was happy that they allowed us the options to offer promotional offers in the shopping cart.
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18 dagen gebruiken de app
19 juni 2024

The app is super easy to set-up and navigate. Support is efficient and responsive.

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4 maanden gebruiken de app
9 juli 2024

Amazing upsell app, I use it on all of my stores

Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
5 mei 2024

So easy to set up. Really great. I have a few suggestions: make the counter (next to the add button on the funnels) be able to be edited so that people can type a number in instead of have to tap the plus or minus button a bunch of times. Make discounts more customizable (allow users to be able to make discounts only able to be used once, only be applied to certain products, etc).

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1 dag gebruiken de app
19 juni 2024

Upsell was exactly what I was looking for.
The hassle-free integration of being able to upsell products on my page has been amazing.

The Essentialwolf team was able to answer any questions I had, and helped streamline the process.

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