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29 december 2017

Stops download at 33%. And why does it need order information?

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Bewerkt 8 juni 2018

It doesn't seem to work. only pops up when it feels like it

Hemsley Organic
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21 juni 2019

Easy to use but not tested yet as the comment is mandatory before the installation, lets see how it works

Horticultura LED
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12 augustus 2018

writing a review before seeing the app in action is ridiculous.

Ryoko Bags Uk
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23 mei 2018

Not sure if it's working. I went through the set up procedure - but when I check my store - I do not see the pop-up. Spent 10-minutes on this so far. Is it working? don't know yet. I will revise this review if I get this thing to work.

Practical Disaster Planning
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18 april 2018

Doesn't work for me i'm being forwarded to a blank page. You get an automated email saying they don't respond to this support you have to contact them through the app, the app forwards you here for support!

Lady Days Cloth Pads
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8 augustus 2019

It doesn't work. Impossible to finish the download..
This was recommended on youtube by a nice blogger. I Don't understand the bug!

Nomad Tribe Swim
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Bewerkt 10 september 2018

Vous me demander de vous donner une note. hors que je vient d'installer. Je n'arrive pas a installer l'applique. Me dit que je suis à 66%

Exclusif Boutique
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1 december 2017

As others have said, it's really difficult to leave a positive review when the installation process stalls at 33%.

I'll review again if it decides to work but it doesn't fill me with any confidence.

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Bewerkt 4 juni 2018

App is not working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karigar Amsterdam
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