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23 april 2018

die app funktioniert nicht!..................

24 dagen gebruiken de app
16 februari 2018

well I dont know if it is working because that bar is showing at 60% and when I emailed support they said because its free app they cannot help me?

Verenigde Staten
22 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 18 augustus 2018

ne marche pas, il faut laisser un commentaire avant l'utilisation

21 dagen gebruiken de app
26 april 2020

Had to uninstall as is requesting an endpoint that requires a commercial licence.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()
cookie_consent.js?13:1 The service[0] (// responded with the following error Error: Error [UNKNOWN]: Commerical use detected. Contact administrator at
at s (cookie_consent.js?13:1)
at Object.callback (cookie_consent.js?13:1)
at i.runServiceCallback (cookie_consent.js?13:1)
at cookie_consent.js?13:1
at XMLHttpRequest.s.onreadystatechange (cookie_consent.js?13:1)

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Verenigd Koninkrijk
20 dagen gebruiken de app
13 juni 2017

Tried to contact the support 3 times as the banner didn't fit in the tamplate frame. But unfortunately I didn't received any response so I've removed the app. Sorry

Handcraft Coffee Com
12 dagen gebruiken de app
28 mei 2020

Works perfectly on the mobile but the button 'got it' isn't selectable when using a PC or a Mac.
As it's a free app, the reply I received was that no help could be provided.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
11 dagen gebruiken de app
25 februari 2019

Cette application ne fonctionne pas correctement. Elle reste allumer après l'affichage, pas professionnel pour les clients.

10 dagen gebruiken de app
23 augustus 2018

Terrible, does not even display most of the time. Do not use.

Elegant Boulevard
9 dagen gebruiken de app
18 april 2019

je ne sais pas pourquoi sa marche pas
je ne sais pas pourquoi sa marche pas
je ne sais pas pourquoi sa marche pas

9 dagen gebruiken de app
22 december 2018

'etrgdsrfkl,glerdbf;lhmeb,rdfckg; berkfd;cgvkes;rdg fkez;s:d;lgzebs

8 dagen gebruiken de app