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23 novembre 2022

I used this app for a Black Friday sale timer. It was easy to set up and very straight forward. Basic plan included exactly what I needed unlike other apps I tried prior.

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3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
4 dicembre 2022

I have used this app for the past 6 months with offers and pre-order countdowns. It is simple and user friendly to set up. Just pick a few options select date, then activate. Best part is that everything is customizable, and you can select single items or whole collections. Plus you can also make the banner clickable to direct you to a link or product. They also don't brand the countdown timer like other apps i have used that why i will continue to use them!

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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
15 agosto 2023

This is a great app that loads very quickly and looks very nice. I like all of the customization options as well. Their support is AMAZING. Very fast replies and one of their guys, Jason, even created a custom script solution to get around an issue I was having. Absolute top notch all around.

Alpine Rings
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Circa 5 ore di utilizzo dell’app
25 luglio 2023

Pretty basic but very handy countdown bar. Used it for timed product drops. Wish there was a little more customization for the free plan, but it's free so not too bad.

Intentional Offerings
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12 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
20 maggio 2023

It's important to note that while Hextom's Countdown Timer Bar can be a useful tool for creating urgency-based marketing campaigns, the effectiveness of such tactics may vary depending on the target audience, industry, and overall marketing strategy. It's always recommended to use these tactics responsibly and ensure they align with your brand's values and customer experience.

2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
19 febbraio 2023

We have been using Hextom's Countdown Time Bar for the last few months. We are very happy with this app because it is:

easy to use
comes with lots of design options
effective- it helped advertise our new sale.
It looks good on both mobile and PC.

Custom Neon Lights Australia
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
20 novembre 2022

Super easy to use and perfect for my Black Friday countdown. I use this app every year. I can schedule countdowns and then let the app do the rest.

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2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
24 novembre 2022

This app came recommended just in time for our Black Friday sale! It was easy to use and is exactly what we were looking for! Thank-you!!

Team Bluegroove
14 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
17 novembre 2022

Pretty freakin cool if you ask me! Lots of unique customization options with Premium, so your countdown's look and feel is only limited to your imagination. It's relatively easy to set up and use and doesn't take much time. If you have questions, customer support is there to help with efficiency. Loving this app so far!

Wonderful Addition
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2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
29 agosto 2023

I love working with apps that have an option for free or upgrade. Even better when the developer provides a variety of apps you have more confidence everything will work together. The Countdown Timer Bar is a MUST HAVE for helping to create a sense of urgency during an event.

Emma Hobson Designs
3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app