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28 juli 2023

Not easy to use. When contacted CS for help no response. I contacted you within the time mentioned for availability. It's the very fast paced environment, You nee to be quick. I won't be waiting for you to respond back while testimonials are not appearing in the store.

Kidz Kompany
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Expert Village Media Technologies heeft geantwoord 3 augustus 2023

Sorry to hear this. Although we checked in our support emails and live chats too but we never received any message from your end for assistance. You can check all our other reviews, its all about our support quality. We never miss to assist any client.

Quite strange that we got a negative review without any support email or chat request as we are available on both channels.

Team EVM Testimonials

17 maart 2022

This developer upgrades your subscription with no notice and gives you no option to opt out. I spent over 2 weeks in correspondence with the developer to change my plan back to the pro plan, which I had not exceeded any requirements for. The developer delayed and claimed I had exceeded an order limit, of which I am nowhere near! I was almost forced to pay an excessive amount of money for a plan I don’t need. Additionally, the testimonials glitch constantly. Mine were meant to display as a carousel and at times would display vertically on the screen, one after the other, forcing customers to scroll for ages. This is the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had.

Crowned by Ivana
10 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 12 januari 2023

I've searched for an app that would work for my one of a kind products. Most apps attach to the product specifically so for unique items, they don't work. (although you can also set it up that way). This app works perfectly for me. Also, after looking at so many I was so confused so Kemi offered to set it up for me...and at no extra fee like many of the apps out there! They are quick to respond and eager to help. Now my customers can see what other people are saying about my work.
June 17th 10:52PM : App is inaccessible on my admin and reviews do not show live on site either. I'll update the review when it is fixed.
1/12/23 I had complaints from customers that they were unable to upload testimonials. I was also billed twice for the month of December. I reported the issue, access to my store was requested and given, after a week nothing was done and I received no communication from the company. I also received no refund for the double charge.

Divella Designs
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24 februari 2021

We help so much this plugin to have more reviews, we make testimonials, we support them and how they thanks us for this help ? We need to paid now 9 dollars by month because the plugin is no more free ... A SHAME !

2 maanden gebruiken de app
Expert Village Media Technologies heeft geantwoord 24 februari 2021


We really appreciate you leaving review for our app and giving us a testimonial but we want to make it clear here, that we are not charging you fee for your existing stores.
Recently we removed the Free plan from our app as per company's decision and the cost coming for support and server. We removed it for ONLY NEW STORES NOT OLD EXISTING STORES.

We saw you have multiple stores and your old stores closes and you start new stores. For NEW STORES, pricing is same for all. We cannot favour some users as it will not be fair for others.

All users are same for us and we provide same level of support to all after which we ask users for a review which they leave based on our support and app.

We won't mind having this review on our app because as a company, we have to be fair with all.

We leave it upto the readers who can decide that if we don't give Free plan, do we deserve a 1 star review? Giving a Free plan or any sort of discount is always our decision which cannot be changed based on negative review threats.

Team EVM Reviews

23 juli 2020

Does not work and gave me m ore a headache than good. It addressed all emails to the same name, Taylor. I asked for it to send after 10 days but sent after 2 when it hadn't shipped yet so received many emails that wondered where there item was. Then the emails had the wrong product in it. They were asked to review something they didnt receive or buy. After dealing with this for a few days I deleted. Dont waste your time with this app

The Pacific Paw
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Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
9 augustus 2017

bad customer support, not prompt with responses and will charge you if you need help with anything beyond initial install.

Thevo Beds
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Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
19 januari 2017

says free-$3 but when i downloaded it it said for me to agree to $3 a month. i know its only $3 but if it says free then i should not have to agree to anything before i even to anything!

Live Green Oils
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2 minuten gebruiken de app