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Bewerkt 3 oktober 2023

It just stops showing upsells and addons for no reason. Every time you need to contact the support to fix it. Every time you contact the support you need to prove that there's a problem. Then they say it's fixed then you check and it's not fixed then the guy in the support just ends the chat to pass you to another person and then you need to go through the whole process again. Not recommended.

Magic T
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
13 mei 2020

Not recommending the app to anyone. Contacted support about 3 weeks ago and the issue inside the app still isn't fixed.

Lachelle beauty
4 maanden gebruiken de app
Expert Village Media Technologies heeft geantwoord 13 mei 2020

Hannah from Shopify already told us and the user that the issue is not at app's end, its something at Shopify's end.
Shopify's line item system is not showing some orders and they assured you and us in a common email chain that they will fix it asap. They didn't gave a timeline though but they will fix it.

User told us that he will delete this review when Shopify will fix it.
Although its not app's issue but we accept it as we are a part of Shopify and we would love to take equal responsibility.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

17 december 2021

Installed this app, used the Free Gift option. Riddled with bugs. Basically rendered our site unusable if you tried to opt out of the gift. There was no way to close the window and every time you refreshed the page it would pop up again. I'm sure we lost sales due to this.

Revelry Supply
Verenigde Staten
28 dagen gebruiken de app
Expert Village Media Technologies heeft geantwoord 4 januari 2022

Sorry to hear that you got this issue. Our tech team fixed that on same day and tried to reach out to you but didn't heard back. In case if you need any assistance from our team, feel free to ask anytime please. We are always available to assist our app users. 🙏🙏

24 juli 2022

Didn't work at all the way it was supposed to. Customer service were of no help really we've decided to remove it, the app left some css code within our theme, we had to delete that manually too. I don't recommend.

Callisto Jewellery
10 dagen gebruiken de app
31 augustus 2022

I installed this app, it didn't work, destroyed my code even when uninstalled. Developer took hours and didn't help. Now I am on the live chat with Shopify trying to fix the mess that this app caused on my site! Stay away far away

Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer 7 uur gebruiken de app
13 december 2021

I installed app, however I could not use it (set up promos). In target products, button add target product does not show up. I also noticed that setup videos and guides do not exactly correspond to the app current GUI. I captured the screen in case developers are interested.

Hygiene Hero
Verenigde Staten
29 minuten gebruiken de app
Expert Village Media Technologies heeft geantwoord 4 januari 2022

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. That button appears on click of the YES option in dropdown actually. We emailed you instantly when we saw your message actually.
We still hope you will use our app for your store as before.

Feel free to reachout for assistance anytime please.

Team Upsellio 🙏🙏

10 augustus 2019

The app seemed to be good but once installed doesn’t work for me , any refresh helped, finally desinstalled

2 minuten gebruiken de app
14 oktober 2021

I can't install it !! app can not use. please help! I can't install it !! app can not use. pls help!

Vikita Kids
Hongkong SAR van China
2 minuten gebruiken de app
Expert Village Media Technologies heeft geantwoord 7 november 2021

Sorry to hear about your experience. We tried to reachout to you few times but didn't heard back from you. We will help you in installing and setup the app properly. Upsellio has tons of features to help you store sales and our support team is always available to provide best assistance to you for setup.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Team Upsellio