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27 marzo 2023

Not working I canit able to delete orders and there is no any support after enterprise plan! Please remove such apps from shopify addp store !
Refund my money
ITissible ha risposto 27 marzo 2023


Matrixify is able to delete only those Orders that Shopify allows to delete. There are certain Orders that Shopify does not allow to delete, which, for example, are "brokered by Shopify" or using Shopify Payments. Matrixify tries to delete all the Orders that you request, just Shopify API fails to delete those which it does not allow to delete.

Please, collaborate with Matrixify Support to resolve this in a humane manner.
As you have not paid for the app yet, we have issued AppStore credits which should compensate you the paid amount.

Matrixify is a high-quality app with the good reputation in the Shopify ecosystem. Putting 1* review for this kind of issue seems very harsh penalty for the effort we are putting in the development and support of the app. If you will give us a chance, you will see. 🙏

Founding Engineer

18 marzo 2023

I tried to remove the negative review I gave to Matrixify but I am unable to do so. But I have to now give them 5 plus stars. It is difficult when people are trying to communicate from different countries to understand each other. Thus, we were having a communication problem. In addition, with me not having a technology background it just made matters worse. However,
Renars Rudzitis stepped in and handled my situation with God's grace and professional caring. I compliment him for what he has done....he showed that they truly do care about their customers.

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ITissible ha risposto 23 marzo 2023

Thank you beyond the stars for giving us the opportunity to help you.
I can't stress enough how important that is to always work together. Our Support team craves any chance there is to help Merchants. 🙏

If you need anything else going further, we are here for you.

Founding Engineer

16 marzo 2023

incredibly hard to use, support doesnt help at all. takes forever, tried for weeks couldnt even convert 1 simple draft. all i was provided was the same help faq page.

sucks bc shopify can't convert large drafts for some reason so they suggest this app which is impossible to use.

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ITissible ha risposto 17 marzo 2023


Ouch, this hurts incredibly.
Especially, because our Support is still waiting for you to respond to our questions, so that we can help you. Maybe we did not receive some latest responses from you?

Importing Draft Orders indeed takes some effort to understand correctly the import template, and prepare the data accordingly. That's because there is so much different attributes that you can possibly pass to Shopify. We made an import template that would accommodate it all, as simple as we could. Of course, you do not need to use all the fields and rows - just those that you need to create your version of Draft Orders.

Our Support team is always going extensive lengths to help, and this is very important that you respond.

Please, cooperate with our Support who is trying to reach you to help you do the import. 🙏

Founding Engineer

9 febbraio 2023

Beyond import/export. Matrixify is our daily tool to connect our catalogue from Airtable to Shopify & vice & versa. Plus, the support via slack is highly efficient.
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ITissible ha risposto 10 febbraio 2023

Oh, wow - enormous thank you for your Review and for the kindest words.
From our whole team: 🫶

Founding Engineer

Data modifica: 6 febbraio 2023

Great support team, who is willing to help with some issues. In general a useful app.

We migrated Magento 2 to Shopify with it (still working on it but the majority should have been up).

Steel Vintage Bikes GmbH
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ITissible ha risposto 5 febbraio 2023

Thank you very much for reporting the issues you found, and collaborating to solving those.

We have implemented the change that if using the legacy Metafield types in the import, and there is a Metafield Definition, then we will assume the type from the Definition without failing.

Please, reach to our Support if you find some other road blocks that prevents you migrating in a good way.

Founding Engineer

17 gennaio 2023

Great app to communicate with fulfillment service provide. Works without a glitch so far and the different pricing plans are fair.
Flo -

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ITissible ha risposto 17 gennaio 2023

Thank you very much for your review and kind words.
Sincerely appreciated by our whole team. 🫶

Founding Engineer

16 gennaio 2023

Straightforward to use and they have a great customer support team. It was smooth to import my Etsy listings to shopify

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ITissible ha risposto 17 gennaio 2023

Thank you for choosing Matrixify to do your migration, and for trusting our Support team to help you through that. It's exactly how it gives the best results. 👍
Although Etsy migration is not yet built as straight-forward as from other source platforms, thank you for your effort to map those fields manually.
Nice job on your side! ✅

Founding Engineer

12 gennaio 2023

Matrixify is the one app you'll absolutely need to install if you have a significant product catalog and use Shopify 2.0 and metadatafields and need to import and export data.

Not only is this the only app with the flexibility and logic necessary to do what's necessary to manage extensive data sets logically, their customer support is superior to market standards and matches the clean and professional standards of this high performance app.

Is it clear enough that I love this app?

After the literal thousands of dollars, it not tens of thousands of dollars spent on apps to make Shopify a baseline functional platform, most being iffy or missing parts you wish they had, or being developed less-than ideally or supported less-than-professionally, when you find one that's this good, it's a real treat.

HairArt Int'l Inc.
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ITissible ha risposto 12 gennaio 2023

I literally sob by reading your review! 😭
Out of love and gratefulness that grows inside when reading your words. 🥰

Thank you thousand times for your appreciation.
Our whole team, we work nonstop on Matrixify app to be exactly THIS for you that you describe, putting our skills and experience into practice.

Matrixify Team says - we all love you back! 🫶
And we continue to be here for you if you need anything.

Founding Engineer

6 gennaio 2023

I have been using the application for a few months and this is the easiest way to bulk change my product catalog. I can export very specific grouping of products, make a couple quick edits, and reupload quickly. This makes it easy to do a price reduction for a sale, page template changes, tag changes, name reformatting, product duplications, and even backups of archived products to remove them from my store seasonally. Recently, I restructured some of my store because of some SEO and needed to create 100+ dynamic collections. It was amazingly simple and quick with this app. Simple to use, and errors are easy to identify. I even use it to sync to a demo store for dev work and changes.

Bit of Swank
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ITissible ha risposto 7 gennaio 2023

Sincerely, thank you for your kind words!
We work hard every day to make Matrixify better for you. Your review is giving wings for our whole team.

Very good idea to sync it to your dev store - and to have a dev store for testing your changes, and testing imports. 👍
Also - just in case, remember that you do not have to pay for your second store - you can sponsor one store from your paid store (via Settings).

Founding Developer

Data modifica: 30 dicembre 2022

amazing help, the company contact me and help me a lot! thanks so much, wish you happy new year
amazing help, the company contact me and help me a lot! thanks so much, wish you happy new year

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ITissible ha risposto 24 dicembre 2022

Thank you so much for allowing to help you.
We are guaranteed to respond within 24 hours, but usually we respond within a few hours or even minutes.

Happy New Year!

Founding Engineer