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3 aprile 2024

Much too expensive and complex, can't import xml files, if you have large product catalogues you have to modify too much, to get the files imported, no mapper function for fields, creating or importing variants is a pain, dry run works but if you run it normal it fails, too much time to get everything working, not recommended

Mein Shop
Circa 22 ore di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 4 aprile 2024

Sorry, we do not advertise that we support XML or column mapping. It is something planned for the future.
At this point, we would kindly ask you to contact our Support - we will be happy to assist you to achieve the things you need to do.

Founding Engineer

4 febbraio 2024

Why you charge me even i unstalled the app.

Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 5 febbraio 2024


Please, reach out to our Matrixify app support about this.

The charge for all apps is done by Shopify based on your billing schedule, not by the Matrixify app. Shopify always charges for the previous 30 days, so it means that when you cancelled the Matrixify paid plan, Shopify issued you the charge for that period, after it has ended.

Anyway, please, reach out to our Support team ASAP - we will take good care of you:

Founding Engineer

22 febbraio 2024

Both stores were invoiced at once. Also did not transfer half of the orders

Circa 6 ore di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 23 febbraio 2024

The both stores were invoiced because you have purchased the app on both stores.
To use Matrixify on your other store with the same paid plan, please use the Shop Sponsoring feature in Matrixify Settings.
Yesterday this was resolved and refunded by our Support. Shopify reviews only arrive after 1-2 days, much after the issue is already solved.

About transferring the Orders - please, work with our Support to resolve that - there must be a normally solvable solution.

We really hope you accept the solution that we did for you...

Founding Engineer

2 agosto 2023

FIlters not working as expected after migration from wordpress and the support team ask for more money for fixing what is not working properly.
Alot of useless talks and informations given about the flow of migration and still not working. I tried the migration like 10 times with all the recomandations and still not working. Also i tried to change the theme so it's not from it.

4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 3 agosto 2023

This review is a serious misunderstanding. Please, work with our Support team to resolve this.

Matrixify app gives you the ability to migrate the data from WordPress / WooCommerce, which you did do successfully. The whole migrated data is in your Shopify store now.
The Shopify Web Storefront and Themes is not the Matrixify field of expertise - we do not develop the website Theme, or its filters that you mention. There are probably other apps or Agencies that can help with that, but nowhere we tell that this is something we offer.

Please, consider rationally your review, looking at the Matrixify app promise, and our ability to migrate your data.
Any errors that happen during migration, is usually the mismatch between the source system data quality, and the Shopify requirements about the data. This can be resolved by consulting with our Support team, and is always a free-of-charge service. We would never ask for additional money for any fixes. If there are software bugs, we fix them ASAP and also with no additional charge. Support is completely free as well.

We are very serious about each Merchant migration results, so this review hurts the most, because we feel it's some sort of misunderstanding.

Please, be open to resolve those all issues with our Support team. 🙏
Please, contact us as soon as you can:

UPDATE 2023-08-16:
We managed to contact the Merchant on the next day and helped them solve all the questions and do the migration successfully. However, the Merchant stopped responding after the work was completed, although they promised to update the review accordingly. We still hope they will update it later, as they might be busy with the launch of the store. 👌

Founder & CEO

5 aprile 2024

The bulk tracking tutorial is outdated.

Moments & Co
Bosnia ed Erzegovina
Circa 5 ore di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 7 aprile 2024

Sorry to hear about your trouble with Matrixify app tutorials. All tutorial logic is the same, only some UI elements might be outdated because the app is evolving, and we might have honestly missed something.

We have checked the tutorial that you might have followed for updating tracking numbers, and it is up to date, including Matrixify app UI.

Our support team has tried to reach out to you via Email and tried calling on your stores listed phone number.

Please get in touch with us so that we can better understand what tutorial is outdated exactly. Our Support team will assist you and provide details needed for you to use the app to the fullest.

18 aprile 2022

Insanely slow. Takes me around 10 seconds per item, to extract the ID, Title and the value of a metafield. While exporting 300 items (~30 mins), it was faster for me to: a) Read Shopify's Admin API documentation; b) Create a private app in Shopify Admin; c) Write a loop to export the fields I needed in a NodeJS app, save it in a CSV file; and d) run my private app.
I'm pretty sure they slow it on purpose so you upgrade to the more pricey versions. It's sad because the UI is convenient.

Supernova Prints
Regno Unito
8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 18 aprile 2022

Wow, that’s a really painful one. Especially because of such an accusation which is not true. We definitely do not make anything slower on purpose.
Before jumping to any conclusions that we do such a thing, please, contact our Support and allow to pinpoint where the exact issue is, and give us a chance to make it right.
Matrixify app has a 300% API speed increase by default, so you should be able to get a faster export speed with even the Matrixify Demo plan, compared to your own Private app.

We work tirelessly to provide a top service and the app to Shopify Merchants, and without an exception. Please, contact our Support, and let's investigate together why there is a time difference. There must be a rational explanation to it, and we will be very grateful if you help us to identify that.

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: Looking into your exports, we I can see you are exporting "Variant Metafields" instead of Product level Metafields. It means that we are fetching Metafields for each variant, which is definitely much slower than taking Metafields of a Product, because we need to request those metafields for each Variant of a Product. The more Variants you have for each Product, the more requests are needed to read them via the API. When doing the speed comparison, please, make sure you compare the same kinds of Metafields.

UPDATE: We can see earlier exports that you did, exporting Product level Metafields - that was working with speed 0.2 - 0.4 seconds per Product. Now you are exporting Variant Metafields, which makes 8 seconds per product, because there are many variants for your Products, and it takes additional API call for each variant. So it sounds like there is a misunderstanding for which Metafields export speeds are being compared.

Please, reach us to resolve this - we are trying to reach you, too.

UPDATE: We have tried reaching the Merchant for 3 weeks now, almost daily - to solve this issue/misunderstanding for them. The Merchant is not responding on any of the channels, we tried all we could find. When you report an issue, please, be prepared to work with us to solve it. Not being reachable for solving a reported issue is unethical.

UPDATE: The Merchant was not reachable for several months and did not pay attention to the root cause of this misunderstanding.

Founder & CEO

16 marzo 2023

incredibly hard to use, support doesnt help at all. takes forever, tried for weeks couldnt even convert 1 simple draft. all i was provided was the same help faq page.

sucks bc shopify can't convert large drafts for some reason so they suggest this app which is impossible to use.

Stati Uniti
2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 17 marzo 2023


Ouch, this hurts incredibly.
Especially, because our Support is still waiting for you to respond to our questions, so that we can help you. Maybe we did not receive some latest responses from you?

Importing Draft Orders indeed takes some effort to understand correctly the import template, and prepare the data accordingly. That's because there is so much different attributes that you can possibly pass to Shopify. We made an import template that would accommodate it all, as simple as we could. Of course, you do not need to use all the fields and rows - just those that you need to create your version of Draft Orders.

Our Support team is always going extensive lengths to help, and this is very important that you respond.

Please, cooperate with our Support who is trying to reach you to help you do the import. 🙏

Founding Engineer

27 marzo 2023

Not working I canit able to delete orders and there is no any support after enterprise plan! Please remove such apps from shopify addp store !
Refund my money
Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 27 marzo 2023


Matrixify is able to delete only those Orders that Shopify allows to delete. There are certain Orders that Shopify does not allow to delete, which, for example, are "brokered by Shopify" or using Shopify Payments. Matrixify tries to delete all the Orders that you request, just Shopify API fails to delete those which it does not allow to delete.

Please, collaborate with Matrixify Support to resolve this in a humane manner.
As you have not paid for the app yet, we have issued AppStore credits which should compensate you the paid amount.

Matrixify is a high-quality app with thorough Merchant Support culture. Putting 1* review for this kind of issue without working with Support team on resolution, seems extremely aggressive attitude. Your mentioned issue is actually a legit and expected Shopify store logic.

Our Support is available all the time. If you will give us a chance to help you, you will see how well we will take care of you.

Founding Engineer

28 marzo 2023

No sirve para importar pedidos de una tienda Shopify a otra Shopify, se la pasa marcando error. Yo no la recomiendo.

DermaOnline by Provederma
31 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 28 marzo 2023

Lamentamos que haya tenido un problema con la importación de pedidos.
Todo se puede solucionar si se comunica con nuestro Soporte y nos permite ayudarlo.
Intentamos comunicarnos con usted sin éxito. Además, vemos que aún no ha intentado comunicarse con nuestro Soporte.

Por favor, contáctanos a través de uno de esos canales y te ayudaremos:

Sorry that you had an issue with Orders import.
It all can be sorted out if you reach our Support and allow us to help you.
We tried to reach you without success. Also, we see that you have not yet tried to reach our Support.
Please, contact us via one of those channels and we will help you: