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5 dicembre 2022

I've been using Matrixify for about two months now while I have been heavily loading products into shopify. I add about 200 products a month and that is only limited by how much time I have. I have about 2500 to get loaded. This would have been near impossible without Matrixify. It has been particularly useful with helping me to bulk load and edit my products and their extensive product metafields. It also allows me to backup a complete copy of all my products (shopify native export excludes metafields). The BEST part is that every time I had a question (and some of them even i would characterize as "dumb questions"), the support staff has been nothing but super SUPER helpful. They respond quickly, help me navigate my issue, give me other tips on how to use their product, etc. Really great product and superior customer service. Thank you!

Poster Palace
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ITissible ha risposto 5 dicembre 2022

This is song to our ears - thank you so much for your kind words.
Our Support team is blushing, you made our day.
Thank you to the stars! 🙇‍♂️

Founding Engineer

8 agosto 2023

i'm not a developer (i'm magento 1.0 store owner moving to Shopify) - learning curve for Matrixify and Shopify steep for me, however i'm decent with Excel and already seeing how much more efficient it is to manage/edit/bulk import content using Matrixify. managing cart content has always been Achilles heel for me, & crazy how much easier Matrixify makes this - no more having to line up columns in Excel for file import (Matrixify does it), can enter simple text in product description (body html) for multiple products in Excel, & Matrixify formats to html, awesome! lots of tutorial docs (i read 2-3 times to understand but then i usually get it), & if i'm still stuck on something, Renars, Rebeka & Ieva email me back same day/next day. year from now, as i get better with it, expecting to be even more efficient managing cart content. love this app! Bob in Atlanta GA

Angel Direct Inc
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ITissible ha risposto 10 agosto 2023

Hello, Bob!
It’s so amazing to be here for you. Thank you for your kindest words. The learning curve is steep indeed, because there is so much you can do with Matrixify - and we add features all the time. Also, we are very grateful that you are so patient to read the tutorials and really focus to understand our explanations - it makes so much easier to help you achieve your desired results.
Really honoured to work with you.
With our whole team, we wish you a great success moving to Shopify - and grow your business.

Founder & CEO

Data modifica: 18 dicembre 2022

This app is by far the best app I used on Shopify. It is a bit pricy if you have a large inventory but definitely worth it because it covers everything that you would expect Shopify to cover in the first place, when it comes to updating any part of your store.

They also have state-of-the-art documentation and super responsive customer communication. I know I sound like a little fake when I write like this but I am sure you will understand me once you start to use their services. I am a big fan now, after interacting with them on and off since last year.

Tajna Shoes
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10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 18 dicembre 2022

Oh, wow, thank you to the stars for your rewarding review.
Our team is putting the work every day to make the Matrixify app better and better. And the Support team is having a tear of joy for your words - it's not an easy job, but highly rewarding, especially from the Merchants like you, who appreciate that true willingness to help you with anything.
Thank you for being with us. 🙏

Founding Engineer

6 gennaio 2023

I have been using the application for a few months and this is the easiest way to bulk change my product catalog. I can export very specific grouping of products, make a couple quick edits, and reupload quickly. This makes it easy to do a price reduction for a sale, page template changes, tag changes, name reformatting, product duplications, and even backups of archived products to remove them from my store seasonally. Recently, I restructured some of my store because of some SEO and needed to create 100+ dynamic collections. It was amazingly simple and quick with this app. Simple to use, and errors are easy to identify. I even use it to sync to a demo store for dev work and changes.

Bit of Swank
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ITissible ha risposto 7 gennaio 2023

Sincerely, thank you for your kind words!
We work hard every day to make Matrixify better for you. Your review is giving wings for our whole team.

Very good idea to sync it to your dev store - and to have a dev store for testing your changes, and testing imports. 👍
Also - just in case, remember that you do not have to pay for your second store - you can sponsor one store from your paid store (via Settings).

Founding Developer

8 dicembre 2022

First of all i use the basic plan.
Matrixify is a very good application. I am overall very satisfied. The site I manage has a huge catalog and Matrixify allows me to save a lot of time with its automatic import and export. It's very easy to import, modify and export your catalog. The function to plan the tasks is also very practical. The documentation is extremely well provided and easy to understand to use the application at best.
I honestly looked hard for negative points, I can't find any, so 5 stars are deserved
Just thank you Matrixify !

Sano Distribution
6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 8 dicembre 2022

That is an extremely satisfying review to read - mercì so much from our whole Matrixify team!
You have made our day. 🙏
And, of course, we continue to work daily to make Matrixify better and better.


18 marzo 2023

I tried to remove the negative review I gave to Matrixify but I am unable to do so. But I have to now give them 5 plus stars. It is difficult when people are trying to communicate from different countries to understand each other. Thus, we were having a communication problem. In addition, with me not having a technology background it just made matters worse. However,
Renars Rudzitis stepped in and handled my situation with God's grace and professional caring. I compliment him for what he has done....he showed that they truly do care about their customers.

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ITissible ha risposto 23 marzo 2023

Thank you beyond the stars for giving us the opportunity to help you.
I can't stress enough how important that is to always work together. Our Support team craves any chance there is to help Merchants. 🙏

If you need anything else going further, we are here for you.

Founding Engineer

12 gennaio 2023

Matrixify is the one app you'll absolutely need to install if you have a significant product catalog and use Shopify 2.0 and metadatafields and need to import and export data.

Not only is this the only app with the flexibility and logic necessary to do what's necessary to manage extensive data sets logically, their customer support is superior to market standards and matches the clean and professional standards of this high performance app.

Is it clear enough that I love this app?

After the literal thousands of dollars, it not tens of thousands of dollars spent on apps to make Shopify a baseline functional platform, most being iffy or missing parts you wish they had, or being developed less-than ideally or supported less-than-professionally, when you find one that's this good, it's a real treat.

HairArt Int'l Inc.
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ITissible ha risposto 12 gennaio 2023

I literally sob by reading your review! 😭
Out of love and gratefulness that grows inside when reading your words. 🥰

Thank you thousand times for your appreciation.
Our whole team, we work nonstop on Matrixify app to be exactly THIS for you that you describe, putting our skills and experience into practice.

Matrixify Team says - we all love you back! 🫶
And we continue to be here for you if you need anything.

Founding Engineer

27 agosto 2023

I can't believe we didn't find this sooner. Our business cannot function without this app! It took a bit to get the hang of importing products, but once we did it was truly amazing how much we could do by simply uploading a spreadsheet. I very highly recommend this to any company that has many products!

Cascade Crest Tools
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11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 28 agosto 2023

Wow, thank indeed you for finding us!
Very happy to hear that we have hit the right notes with what Matrixify can help you with... 🙏👌
If anything, please, feel free to contact our Support team - we are happy to assist from simple to most advanced questions.

Founding Engineer

Data modifica: 26 ottobre 2022

I absolutely love this app. Matrixify combines the functionality of so many other apps and that's what makes it so affordable. We used it for migrating our our legacy site to Shopify and I don't think we could have made the move without Matrixify (75,000+ orders and their associated customers, as well as products, redirects, tags, collections, pages/posts). Recently we've been using it for metafields and it's been a big help in updating thousands of products at a time. Take the time to read their documentation and you won't be disappointed with the results. But if you do run into a snag you'll find their customer service is excellent - fast and detailed.
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9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 26 ottobre 2022

💚 Thank you thousand times for your review - I honestly have my eyes wet when reading your words.
For our whole team - you made our day, and week by such a high praise. Thank you, AmyAdele!

Founding Engineer

20 ottobre 2022

This app plays a keyrole in integrating product content for our shop. It's easy to use and thanks to Excel offers great possibilities to manage content for the shop. I really would not miss out on this app, since it saves a lot of time for setting up and maintaining product content. On top of this comes different use cases like automated order exports, reports etc.

edding SHOP
9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
ITissible ha risposto 20 ottobre 2022

Wow, that's such a great feeling to know that we have made your work with the data better. Cheers from our whole team! 🤝

Founding Developer