Expert ‑The Description Writer

Expert ‑The Description Writer


High quality Hi-End titles and descriptions by expert writers

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Title That Upsurge Sell

Good, attractive & SEO friendly title leaves the first & positive impact on your product which in turn helps to promote & increase the sell.

Hi-EndChic Description

Glorify your product by means of high quality description. It is the best marketing strategy to describe the product in finest possible way.

Goal and Target

Good content about the product of your web-store assist to successfully achieve your desired sales goal & cross the target in an easy manner

Podrobnosti o Expert ‑The Description Writer

Your Benefit/Success, Our Accomplishment

Complete & impressive product information intends customers to go for purchase. To achieve this, you need to have dedicated content writer experts. We are here to help you so that you can focus on your other business activities. Hiring full-time writers is a costly affair because you may not have these requirements all the time. We provide ad hoc on-demand service at minimal cost. This helps you to save your resource, money, time and maintain the high quality of information.

Trust and Privacy Assured

We assure complete data privacy which comes to our system. Only required data is fetched from your system, to the extent that we can provide the services offered through this App. We never use data for other purposes nor share with any one. Being in a partner account w/ Shopify, we collect all payments through Shopify only. We never ask or record payment media details with us.

User Friendly System

Easy to use, just installation of this App will take you to an appropriate website where you will get a clear picture and instructions to proceed further.

Fully Automated Process

Once the App is installed, minimum required details of products at your webstore will move to our website, which will help you to decide & select the product(s) for which you want to take our service of writing Title and Description. You will be informed once the order is placed. On completion & delivery of order, an email in regard will be sent to you along with a button. Button will take you to the completed task page of the website where you can verify each of our deliveries and perform the action of accept/decline. Accept will automatically update the changes at your store while decline will reopen the order with us to re-write.

Two-Layer Writing

A separate team precisely reviews the written description before passing it to the client. Written description also passes through the tools to verify all kinds of undesired & extremely rare missing like spelling/grammar, word-count, quality checks etc. We adhere to a full-proof process of quality check to meet the high-standard.

Methodical Title

We specialize in writing titles and a dedicated team is deputed for that. We follow scientific rules to write the title so that it helps in SEO and provides enough information in google search results. Titles normally 70-80 characters long in which we incorporate smart words and all necessary information about the product which customers like to see.

Unique & Quality Content

Our contents are hand-written, quite unique in nature, hi-end of phrases, good use of vocabulary and smartly constructed sentences..

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