Expertrec Smart Search Bar

Expertrec Smart Search Bar

door Expertrec

Smart Instant Search, Product Filters, Voice Search, Analytics

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Increase conversion & sales

Sell more products with smart site search which comes with autocomplete, autosuggestion, merchandising, recommendations and spellcorrect.

Variants Search

Enable searching through different product variants of different colors and size through image search and smart search recommendations.

Search filters

Smart and relevant custom search filters and collection filters which improves navigation and product discoverability.

Over Expertrec Smart Search Bar

About Expertrec Smart Search Bar

Expertrec is an easy to use custom search bar that lets customers search products on your online Shopify store exceptionally fast. Expertrec smart search bar is trusted by brands such as Scylladb, Baltic state bank, PSIcompany and more.

Our smart search algorithm learns from the user behavior and re-ranks the results to optimize the customers' site search experience.

It is easy to integrate and supports multiple languages including French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Tamil.

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Key Search Features-

  1. Unlimited searches.
  2. Real time product indexing.
  3. Autocomplete search.
  4. Live search.
  5. Spell correct or typo tolerance.
  6. Voice search.
  7. Search analytics.
  8. Responsive search UI that works in multiple devices.
  9. Drag and drop UI editor.
  10. API support and documentation.
  11. Responsive technical support.
  12. Affordable prices.

Key Benefits include

Search Filters

Search and filter is an absolute necessity in any eCommerce site. Instant search results page with smart and relevant filters and sort options let your users navigate the search results with ease. An efficient search and filter can make all differences in conversion.

Expertrec’s search filters come with features such as

  • Filters on all Product attributes
  • Custom search filters
  • Filtering on multiple attributes
  • Search results sorting
  • Slider price filter

Variants Search

Your Products might often come in different variants on the basis of size, color, etc, and having a product search that can provide search results for variants of products is very important as users said to be searching for specific product variants has a very high conversion possibility.

The Variant search includes

  • Support for searching Product variants
  • Images in search
  • Smart recommendations of Variants
  • Filters for product variants

Increase conversion & sales

Increase product visibility and site navigability through Instant search dropdowns and live search results. Equipped with advanced search features like smart filters, smart recommendations, autocomplete, autosuggest and spell correct or autocorrect. Expertrec custom search engine has helped clients increase their conversion rate.

features of Expertrec search that help in conversion is

  • Autosuggest or Autocomplete
  • Search Dropdown
  • Spellcorrect or autocorrect
  • Popular queries and smart recommendations
  • Merchandising options

Quick Setup

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5.0 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Great APP. Fast and effective customer service. Highly recommend their Smart instant search APP. Does exactly what we wanted. Tuned perfectly to our customer's needs.


I installed this app onto my store, there were a couple of things that I wanted to change - the support people were proactive in getting everything exactly right. I'm really happy with the performance of the app now - works really well.

The Lord Of The Magic

We've made a new installation of this app in a site with multilanguage and also multicurrency. Still testing but everything works really nice! Users can user search terms in their own languages. Looks great! And support very professional and resolutive. Thank you!!