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19 luglio 2023

Normalmente funciona bien, pero hoy día 19 de Julio de 2023 no esta funcionando, la pagina para seleccionar los pedidos sale en blanco y no te deja ver los pedidos para seleccionarlos, el soporte nunca contesta. Así es dificil para poder sacar los envios a diario.

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menelabs ha risposto 20 luglio 2023

19th of July was a very stressful day to all of the application developers because the Shopify API had a major problem with the Order API, it returned 0 orders in the majority of the requests.

This was not problem with my application, but I implemented a workaround in about 4 hours after I discovered the problem. By now the Shopify API is back to normal, the application was live and working way before Shopify addressed the issue.

In that day I replied to hundred of mails and skype messages, I have replied to both mails you send me, from the support dialog and to the direct mail. Maybe both mails are in the spam folder. I am sorry for that.

Can you please check your spam folder and add me to the trusted senders so you wont miss any future mails I send you?

Thank you for your support all these years!