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1. elokuu 2023

Eye 4 Fraud ha a great fraud system and a great support team. They insure us for a reasonble fee and have very innovative technology and software for better conversions. We found a decent increase in converion rate after using EYE 4 Fraud, we are a popular store so it was a big revenue increase to have the increased conversion rates, plus we now have insurance on our orders. Definetly recommend!

Little Canadian
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Eye4fraud Inc. vastasi 9. tammikuu 2024

Thank you for your nice words!

been a pleasure working with your company !

30. syyskuu 2023

THIS IS NOT A SECURE APP! Dashlane found that it leaked my data onto the dark web including my credit card, name, address etc. This could have happened because it got the data off someone else's site but this is really bad for an app that pretends to increase security. The breach date was Sept 17, 2023. Apparently they are careless with the security of their own site, NOT GOOD!

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23. kesäkuu 2022

We would highly recommend Eye4Fraud! Their customer support is great and friendly team. They have saved us thousands of dollars!

Wholesale Home
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21. kesäkuu 2022

Since working with Eye4fraud we reduced the Time spend to review orders, every order gets a 'status' and Insured, we stopped declining Good orders.

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23. kesäkuu 2022

The customer service is amazing. They have saved my company thousands of dollars. They have no idea how much they have helped my company.

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16. kesäkuu 2022

At Jays Buy Box we deal with a large amount of high end consumer electronics and unfortunately there are fraudulent orders that come through our website but thanks to eye4fraud they analyze every order and cancel the ones which are high risk and insure the the rest of the orders that come through.

Jay's Buy Box
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8. kesäkuu 2022

We've been having fraud issues for a while. Ever since we are using Eye4fraud we have peace of mind knowing all orders are insured. Great customer support.

Light Plus Nine
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17. huhtikuu 2023

Great app! Very straightforward and easy to use for all different type of businesses. Fair pricing as well.

Sammy's Fashion
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Muokattu 19. huhtikuu 2023

Super easy to work with, and saved me countless times from fraudulent orders. Customer service is in point and if I ever need further assistance on an order, they're always there to answer promptly. Pricing to insure orders is super fair. In case of a chargeback on an order they insured, they are quick to issue a payment back to you. Overall great service and recommend it to anyone, especially if you're being targeted for fraud often.

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27. huhtikuu 2023

Been using Eye4Fraud for over a year now, great service and a must for your online business this days. Great customers service, always there whenever needed to answer your questions, and most of all an easy to use service. Never had an issue when it came to claims can't be any happier with their service.

Emergency Clothing Store
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