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30. syyskuu 2023

THIS IS NOT A SECURE APP! Dashlane found that it leaked my data onto the dark web including my credit card, name, address etc. This could have happened because it got the data off someone else's site but this is really bad for an app that pretends to increase security. The breach date was Sept 17, 2023. Apparently they are careless with the security of their own site, NOT GOOD!

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4. marraskuu 2022

I was happy to start , until I realized I was being charged monthly $58 for 100 orders. I keep getting email about a check being sent to my address due to the chargeback. I only got pay the amount not $15 extra the bank fee charges for the chargeback. I been waiting 4 months each month I should be getting a check. I email them ,and say I should be getting it. I been so patience ,and It makes feel upset how this business handles customers. I though this app is free until I was being charged every order regardless If I would get a refund or not. For small business owners it is a big lost putting my trust in them. Now I am losing more money in my business. The chargebacks + eyefraud monthly = No money from both sides. I am having money removed from me both. I am going back to NOfraud fraud protection were I could get my refund right away.

Luxe & Co. Jewelry
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Eye4fraud Inc. vastasi 29. joulukuu 2022

Thank you for your review, we are sorry about the confusion you had with the system and we are glad that we were able to clear it all up for you, and thankful that you have chosen to continue using the Eye4fraud services.