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3. maaliskuu 2023

Elizabeth in support has been super helpful at getting us up and running and addressing the issues we were having. The app isn't perfect with importing orders between Indiegogo and Shopify, but it has certainly helped streamline our fulfillment process.

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17. joulukuu 2022

If you are migrating from another platform - hands down the best we've found. Migrating over from Shift4Shop (formally 3dcart). We already migrated our customers over using .csv file manually.

This app already has many other platforms mapped out for you, so pleasantly surprised to see ours listed. I just had to download the orders using .csv from Shift4Shop, check the mapping on the excel spreadsheet and upload it using this app.

Had 7k orders to migrate and only cost $200.00 using this app - worth every penny. Took about 3 hours total to map the fields and then migrate all the orders.

Do not hesitate to use this app - very affordable and makes migrating much easier.

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26. lokakuu 2022

Really good app. Had some issues trying to set up the import correctly, but they offer an amazing customer service. Elizabeth really helped me figuring out the best way to import our orders from our old Shopify account to the new one.

Hoek Home: Furniture, Simplified.
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8. syyskuu 2022

Elizabeth was simply amazing. She helped not only with a transfer from one shopify website to another, but also showed great patience with the amount of questions that we asked her, and all within 2 hours of an email. Simply amazing. Keep up the great work

Dew Products
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5. kesäkuu 2022

The EZ importer was of great assistance to me when I was transferring information from my old Shopify store to my new Shopify store. I literally could not have done this without the app so I am very grateful! Yes, it was a little bit of a learning curve, lots of reading to figure out what I may have done incorrectly when a few orders didn't import with full information. But I figured it out and my store is running smoothly. Thank you for helping me!

27th & Rose
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1. kesäkuu 2022

The app is great and helps our work easier. 100% recommend if you migrate your website to Shopify. The support team replies to emails in a timely manner .

Hongkong – Kiinan erityishallintoalue
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7. tammikuu 2022

Amazing App that saved me a lot of time and even better customer support. Elizabeth was super effective and kind. Excellent work.

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5. joulukuu 2021

I can't stress enough what a game changer this app has been for me and my company. We were using another wholesale/bulk order app through shopify. That one cost is $100 a month and had the worst user interface. The EZ importer mapping took about an hour for me to figure out, but then I was able to save it and customize it as needed before each of the new corporate gift orders I had to upload. Its literally saved me days! When I have to import 450 orders here and 600 orders there and I can now do it in a matter of minutes with zero stress or tech glitches... I could cry with the relief! And the fact that you can import as many test orders as you want and then delete them without losing any credits is just incredible. It's made a massive difference to the learning curve of their platform and user friendliness. I'm just blown away. It's such a relief to find such an effective app but also coupled with their straightforward tutorials and extra user tips.. and its made my holiday season!

Biens Chocolate Centerpieces
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22. marraskuu 2021

Massfulfill does a good job, but this is a nice premium option with a lot more function. Wish Shopify built this into their systems.

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Muokattu 3. lokakuu 2021

Importing data between 2 e-commerce sites could be a PITA, EZ Importer made it so much easier and tons less stressful. Once the data was mapped, importing data was a breeze. I love that I could buy only the credits I needed for my data and that the credits were not overpriced. Highly recommend this app for order data migration.

Sassy Fabric Queen
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